Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV revamps your favourite old-skool characters and introduces a host of new ones to test your gaming reflexes to the limit. Watch out for button-bashing blisters!

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When it came to Super Street Fighter IV, many people expected a simple upgrade of the previous year’s release – a way for the company to make money by adding a few new features, creating a new version of an old game (Street Fighter 4.5 maybe?) This was not to be the case. There is enough content in Super Street Fighter IV to satisfy any beat-em up enthusiast. New characters, new stages, new moves, a new online system, new replay channel and new costumes… it’s like a completely new instalment.

New Super Street Fighter IV moves

Every character new and old has the choice of two ultra combo moves to choose from at the character select screen. They use different combos and take some figuring out – but after some practice you will find the one that suits your style of play best. Ryu now comes equipped with a high impact Shoryuken. Ken’s feet set the screen on fire. Cammy is complete with a new back-breaking move. The rest you will have to find out for yourselves.

New Super Street Fighter IV characters

All 25 original characters from Street Fighter IV are included… along with 10 new characters, which are already unlocked at the start of the game allowing for you to start brawling straight away. Most new characters come from the old Street Fighter games with the addition of two brand new characters. It’s time to introduce them:


Ibuki is a mischievous young teenage ninja from the Street Fighter III series. She has agile moves… but watch out for those kunai.


The English gentleman with more respect for the rules than for how much he hurts his opponent. Imagine Balrog if he went to a public school – and that’s Dudle. He is from the previous Street Fighter III character roster.


Makoto is again from the Street Fighter III series. She has a more conventional fighting style of karate, but be careful of her super combo – you don’t want to make her angry.


Originally from Final Fight, but this slant is based on his character in the Street Fighter Alpha series. He is a Japanese martial artist; just imagine Ryu or Ken trying to become a modern day ninja and you won’t be far off. He is also Ibuki’s ninja master.


Originating from the same series as Guy, he is by far the coolest character. Fresh out of prison, Cody uses just about anything to attack, from spanners, wrenches and knives to tornados. He might be slow but he definitely packs a punch.


This character, a Native American warrior, was originally from the Street Fighter II series. T. Hawk’s fighting style will be familiar to many players and is a character which will be seen a lot online.

Dee Jay

One of the most difficult characters to use, Dee Jay comes from the Street Fighter II series. He has a crazy dance style fighting similar to capoeira and holds noticeable resemblances to the famed Eddie out of the Tekken series.


From the original Street Fighter series, Adon is a more arrogant version of Sagat – loud, obnoxious and fast with dashing moves.


The first of the new characters is Juri who many may say bears a resemblance to Kira from the Soul Calibar series (Just take away her giant circular blade.) She may rely completely on her legs but they have one of the coolest effects in the game.


Not only is this character new, but he is also the next joke character to pair up with Dan. A bright red, oily Turkish wrestler with slippery moves. Be careful of his grabs – you don’t want to get covered in grease.

One of these new characters may take your fancy. If you’d rather stick with an old favourite, don’t worry. Many of the original characters have new costumes to go with their new moves to at least alter the playing experience slightly.

New Bonus Stages

Bonus stages have been included from the original series allowing you to smash barrels and fight against a car! They are appealing at first but once you are going through arcade mode with your 5th character these can get a little tedious, which is where the ‘turn off’ feature comes in handy.

Replay Channel

This is a new feature to Super Street Fighter IV which allows for all online matches to be replayed. Want to watch your spectacular win again? Or browse through other players’ online matches? This channel makes this all possible. Be warned – do not hit replay if you’ve just been thrashed by a top player. It was painful enough to watch the first time around.

New Online System

The online system in Super Street Fighter IV has been updated. Not only do you gain the normal player points every time you win, but there is now the addition of Battle points. Each character gains battle points separately, allowing you to rank up your characters. Ranking them up doesn’t however actually give you anything apart from a different letter next to their name.

So after checking out all the new features and testing out the new characters it was time to get serious. I picked Ibuki to be the next character I attempted to learn (Sorry, Cammy… you have to be my back-up for now.) After a good few hours of game play, I had a new favourite character, two new blisters, and a new love for playing Street Fighter all over again. Any beat-em up enthusiast will not have a complete games collection until this latest release is sat on top of the pile.

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