The Biggest Loser Review

The Biggest Loser Review

Fitness games: ‘The Biggest Loser’ is an exercise game based on the game show where contestants compete to lose weight. Will this fitness game help you do the same?

The Biggest Loser is an intensive fitness programme on Wii and Nintendo DS. It differs from other weight loss gaming aids in that it’s a gameshow with a contestant – you.

Based on the popular reality television show on NBC (which features obese contestants competing to lose the most weight), The Biggest Loser lets you partake in 4-12 week programs based on the process that show contestants undergo in a fun environment.

You can also simply use the game to train and improve in individual workouts, gain fitness and lifestyle tips, and find recipes for healthier eating.

You can choose which of the show’s hosts you want to be your personal trainer – Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels (and it’s really them, in the sense that they did their own voice recordings for this game). Whoever you choose, whether it’s based on gender preference or personality, will guide you through your individual workouts. exercise routines.

On The Biggest Loser, your exercise routines are split into five different target areas: full body, upper body, core, lower body, and yoga. The Biggest Loser stands out from the other fitness games by have a huge range of difficulty levels with five different settings: Light, moderate, challenging, hard, and intense.

You can have short and sweet 10-20 minute workouts to fit around your life, or really go for it with intense routines that go up to a truly hardcore 70 minutes that will leave you exhilerated but gasping and broken.

The Biggest Loser lets you create and save custom workouts, so you can steer clear of any exercises you truly hate. Very handy!

If you’re feeling very dedicated indeed you can also embark on a 4, 8, or 12 week training program that provides set workouts, tracks your calorie intake, and helps you select a weight loss goal. You need to know in advance that you’re willing to commit to the training programme if you choose it instead of the as-and-when workouts, because as well as the exercise routines, The Biggest Loser’s training programme estimates your calorie consumption and generally keeps track of things…

At the end of the day, if you’ve decided to go with an exercise game to either replace traditional sports or complement them, The Biggest Loser can pull its weight. It really will get your heart pumping – if you want it to.

The Biggest Loser - Wii and Nintendo DS