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middle ages spinster

Since the Middle Ages, spinster has been used to insult women who control their destinies

bikini hair removal history

For over 800 years, women have been told what to do with their pubic hair…

middle ages myths plague

5 Popular Myths about the Middle Ages – It Wasn’t All Misery and Misogyny

Kendra Josie Kirkpatrick comics

The Darkly Historical Comics of Kendra Josie Kirkpatrick

East End womens museum

The East End Women’s Museum – stories of women who shape our past

nutshell studies - miniature crime scenes

Nutshell Studies: This amazing woman changed forensics with her miniature crime scenes


Sophia Duleep Singh… Princess and Suffragette

Fishnets - a vintage style history lesson

Fishnets – a vintage style history lesson

Drag Kings

A Brief History of Drag Kings in the UK


Floriography – send messages using the Victorian language of flowers

la maupin

La Maupin – feminist icon and total badass

polari slang

Polari… a mini guide to the secret language of the gay community