Contributing Editor Volunteer Role – Apply Now

mookychick editor

Mookychick is expanding its online editorial team of volunteers. Would you like to join us as a contributing editor?

Mookychick is a passion project done for the love, not the money. And that passion has kept us strong since Mookychick’s inception in 2005! This alternative feminist site and community has been far, far more than the sum of its parts – thanks to over 600 contributors who have made it what it is today.

Our patron saints are Kate Bush, Frida Kahlo, Marie Laveau, Ada Lovelace, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gina Torres, Helena Bonham Carter, Jeanne d’Arc, Marie Curie, Leonora Carrington, Doctor Who and St. Hildegard of Bingen. Mookychick is like water – babbling, tranquil, charged, unquiet, delicate, ferocious, restorative and deep. Its spirit is both flowers and owls.

We are seeking contributing editors in a volunteer capacity. This would be an unpaid role – we aim to make it a rewarding experience by promoting you and your work on a regular basis, giving you space to both rest and bloom (want to take time out for a rest period? Want to spearhead a campaign? Simply let us know) and doing everything in our power to create a safe community for you to work in. In addition, we appreciate that life happens, and it twists and turns. If your circumstances change we will accommodate your needs and listen.

Could this be you? If so, please read more about the role requirements below and we look forward to your application.

Volunteer Contributing Editor Job Description

As a contributing editor, you will source, produce and edit content on a regular basis. As a guideline, you will:

Create a minimum of one feature a month. Features might be: listicles, how-to guides, reviews, email interviews, personal essays, creative writing and more. Please see our contributor submission guidelines for inspiration.

Source/commission a minimum of one feature a month. As an example, you might approach individuals and organisation in your own creative network, or reach out to people you adore on Twitter on behalf of Mookychick to invite them to collaborate with an email Q&A about their work, a review, or other forms of content that raises their visibility.

Edit work from contributors on a rolling basis as they come in. We will aim to ensure you’ll be working on pieces relating to your field of interest.

You will work remotely from home, with your first point of contact being the Founding Editor Magda Knight, but with plenty of room for collaborating with other editors as a team.

When applying, you can specify your preferred field(s) of interest in which to create, source or edit content:

  • Alternative Style and Beauty
  • Feminism and Activism
  • Art and Culture
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Literature, Poetry, Films, Games, Comics, Music
  • Esoterica, Faith, Occult and Spirituality
  • Mind and Body
  • Sex positivity and relationships
  • Gender, Orientation and Identity (no TERFs)
  • Personal Essays and Personal Experiences

What we’re looking for:

  • Previous editorial/writing experience is preferred.
  • Previous WordPress CMS experience is preferred.
  • Photo and image editing skills would be an advantage.
  • An online social presence is preferred but not required. You can still be a fantastic editor if, for any reason, you needed to take a break from Twitter.

How to apply:

Would you like to play an important part in Mookychick’s journey? Please email a covering letter to Magda Knight at [email protected], or use the form below. Say a bit about yourself, your skills and experience, and why you’d like to join our editorial team, with links to examples of your work. In addition, please say one way in which you’d like to improve Mookychick. We think it’s important for mooky editors to recognise they have agency in shaping the website and introducing new, fresh ideas. Your creativity is welcomed.

We look forward to hearing from you.