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polish slavic pagan mythology witcher 3

Rediscovering My Polish And Slavic Pagan Roots with Witcher 3


The Anti-Fascist Babe Club – A New Social Justice Activist Hub Has Arrived

The Alchemist's Theorem

The Alchemist’s Theorem – A Children’s Fantasy Book With An Autistic Hero

sexism every day

10 Examples of Sexism Women Face Every Damn Day

Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid

I confess – I’m in love with Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

cleansing a new home tips

Cleansing A New Home – 5 Ways To Build Positive Energy

wedding marriage identity

Changing My Name on Marriage Totally Annihilated My Identity

Medieval armour leggings historically accurate

These Medieval Armour Leggings Are The Real Historical Deal

Nasty Women review

Nasty Women Review – In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

Chubby Anthology

Chubby Anthology – Caution, Beautiful Comics At Work!

International Womens Day 2016

International Women’s Day & The Predictable Backlash

Post Apocalyptic Clothing With Rad Roach Gear

Post Apocalyptic Clothing With Rad Roach Gear

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