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How To Write Your Story With National Novel Writing Month

November is about to explode as writers worldwide attempt to hit 50,000 words in just …

8 DIY Halloween Decorations To Bring You Joy

8 DIY Halloween Decorations To Bring You Joy

Turn your home into a spooky festive palace on a shoestring with our DIY Halloween …

Arts & Crafts

Playing A Game Of… Playground Romance

My 'boyfriend' when I was 6 was great, but why couldn't I just call him …


When We Blame…

When women are held responsible for their safety and they, not their aggressors, are blamed.

What's So Super About Superfood?

What’s So Super About Superfood?

Superfoods and The World: why health food fads aren't super for everyone.

Lords of the fallen

Lords of the Fallen

Dark Souls fans will get a kick out of Lords of the Fallen, the new …

Pit kittens

Young Women Growing Their Armpit Hair? Love Your Pittens!

Many women are increasingly growing their armpit hair... pit kitten lovers unite. Pittens!


So You Want To Be A Derby Girl

Roller derby entry tips for beginners... from a member of the Brighton Rockers derby team!

cool high heels

6 Tips For Walking Tall in Mooky High Heels

The shoes finish the outfit. But what's a Mook to do when the shoes are …

unwanted attention

Rub Against Me And Insult Me? I Won’t Respond Politely.

Boy meets girl in bar. Advance followed by rejection. Hey, it happens. Then groping and …

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an indie exploration mystery adventure that really caught our …

Strange Angels by Lilith St Crow

Strange Angels – Supernatural YA by Lilith St. Crow

Strange Angels is great YA for fans of early Supernatural seasons who want girls and …


Reading for the Modern Person, it’s Amaazzing

One fiction-addicated mook found Audible audiobooks through a YouTuber and has never looked back.


3 Mexican Myths Worth Busting

The cartels. The 'primitive' heritage. The food. Three myth stereotypes to dispel about Mexico.

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Growing Up Trans... The Inbetweeners of Society

Growing Up Trans… The Inbetweeners of Society

A longstanding mook interviews her transgender boyfriend about the social pressures of transition. Gender is …

Waterstones 6 word scares

Waterstones #6wordscares Competition

Win a £150 Waterstones voucher with your #6wordscares! Global entries welcome. Closing date 31st October. …