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Nod by Adrian Barnes

NOD by Adrian Barnes – Imagine a World without Sleep

white supremacy extinction burst kkk

Are We Nearing White Supremacy’s Extinction Burst?

open relationship

How My First Open Relationship Helped Me Figure Out What Counts

hidden figures

Hidden Figures – their story needs to be told

trump america resist

3 Good Things Trump’s America Has Taught Me About the World

the bare bones of vulture culture

The Bare Bones of Vulture Culture: Find Bones with Sleight of Mind

online dating woman water

Online dating – 10 ways to make it a water quest, not a trial by fire

celebrate galentines day

Celebrate Galentine’s Day by sending a vote of confidence

vegan truffles recipe

Easy vegan truffles recipe – salted chocolate and prune valentine balls

glitter tribe burlesque documentary

Burlesque – Heart of the Glitter Tribe is our everything


10 Articles of Clothing My Girlfriend Let Me Borrow While Secretly Upping My Fashion Game

DIY soy candles lollipop scented

Candle craft – How to make DIY soy candles with a lollipop scent

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