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The Tampon Tax: Stringing Us Along

What is the tampon tax? How can it be challenged? Why should it be scrapped?

Women’s Health

17-year-old Milifandom leader harrassed by The Sun

Teenage Milifandom leader Abby never displayed her full details. So how did The Sun find her?


Witch hazel life hacks: Pesto vs shoes

A mook's life hack for using witch hazel to get pesto out of lovely leather shoes!


Dear Baddie Winkle

Open love poem to cult model Baddie Winkle, stealing our man since 1928...


Bikini Bodies for All!

How to get a bikini body.


Hot new exercise trend: Get the purrrfect(!) body

This musical exercise workout will give you the ultimate, purrrfect body. Meow!

gothic dress morticia

Win a Gothic Morticia Dress

Win this flowing crushed black velvet Gothic dress, in sizes up to 26, from DangerousFX.

I Now Pronounce You... Yourselves

I Now Pronounce You… Yourselves

Emmi says it's time for her to stop worrying about the wow factor of an alternative wedding


Record store day

Record Store Day is the 3rd Saturday of every April. Spread the record store love xxx


My story: I was surrounded by 80 fluffy huskies for 10 weeks!

Can ANYTHING top volunteering with Baxter and 79 other huskies for 10 whole weeks? *swoon*


Can faith and feminism work together?

As a trans feminist, I'm also deeply religious. Faith and feminism can work!


A Wrinkle In Time – now a hard/soft graphic novel

The graphic novel of A Wrinkle in Time becomes, finally, a paperback.

How to Make Pokéball Friendship Necklaces

How to Make Pokéball Friendship Necklaces

DIY craft tutorial for when you really need a Pokeball on two chains saying I CHOOSE YOU...

How to put on a garden music festival

How to put on a garden music festival

How to put on your very own cheap summer music festival... in your garden!

Old stuff we really love

Growing Up Trans... The Inbetweeners of Society

Growing Up Trans… The Inbetweeners of Society

A longstanding mook interviews her transgender boyfriend about the social pressures of transition. Gender is …

How To Build A Self Care Blanket Fort

How To Build A Self Care Blanket Fort

Build your own blanket fort for precious self care and alone time. Bring cats, sweets …

How to Argue Like an Adult

How to Argue Like an Adult

10 Commandments on how to argue like an adult - and ANOTHER 10 Commandments on …

Download Mook Book 2015

Download Mook Book 2015

A mook made a book, just for you, for 2015. Made with love, just because. …