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Bjork Vulnicura

20 Bjork tweets to remind us just how much we love her

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Plumb the depths of your raw, vulnerable soul with beccs

The Girl with all the Gifts review

The Girl with all the Gifts review – a zombie film with brains

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How to make a Halloween binbag dress costume

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Win magic black cat Halloween candles

diversity in fiction still important

Why diversity in fiction is important

the arrival of missives

The Arrival of Missives by Aliya Whiteley

The crone's book of magical words

The Crone’s Book of Magic Words

Emilie video

Electro pop: E M I L I E has Eyes for You

Mookychick reviewers

Become a Mookychick reviewer – here’s how!

beauty is an art

Beauty is an art, not a requirement

perception changing

How much are we shaped by the people we know?

Old stuff we really love

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