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honour dead pets spiritual burial

Holding Farewell Rituals for Deceased Pets – Spirit and Love

teenage girls are powerful

Teenage Girls Are So Incredibly Powerful. Like These 15 Teens Who Are Changing The World

surviving trauma

Why Struggling With Trauma Doesn’t Make You Weak

native tongue feminist sci fi

Native Tongue by Suzette Haden Elgin is Classic Feminist Sci-fi You Need to Read

shark week

Sharks Sharks Sharks! Bop Those Shark Myths On The Nose! Seal, You’re Probably Safe.


Princess – Poem by K Garth


Burgeoning – Poem by M. Stone

Makeup Changed My Life for the Better Because I do it for Myself

Makeup Changed My Life for the Better Because I do it for Myself

skull bag necklace

Win a Skull Bag and Skull Pendant Necklace Set

sun jellies

Jelly Shoes for Summer – Our Top Picks

zodiac witch archetypes

What type of witch are you based on your Zodiac sign?

popova comic

Popova Comic Will Inspire Feminist Discourse But Not The Way It Intended

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