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How to go ghost hunting – 10 tips for rookie ghost hunters

Discover how to go ghost hunting with these simple tips for rookie ghost hunters!

28 tips from regulars on how to survive Whitby Goth Weekend

28 tips from regulars on how to survive Whitby Goth Weekend

Veteran Whitby Goth Weekend attendees give their very best tips on things to do, see, eat, wear and be...


What is modern goth style? A goth’s guide to undated dark fashion

A modern Goth shares her favourite gothic clothing and make-up brands, along with style staples.


Why Women Don’t Stand Up to Street Harassment

Wolf-whistling and telling a woman on the street she has a great ass is not the way a relationship starts.


Steampunk Tea Party Recipes with Miss Emilly Ladybird

Explore a steampunk tea party recipes book filled with clever ideas from Venusian delight to G&T cake...


The Juniper Tree: Watch Björk, aged 20, in dark witchy fairytale

When she was 20, Björk was in The Juniper Tree, a dark Icelandic tale of witchery and magic...


What is freeganism and why do I do it?

There are lots of ways to make sure discarded food doesn't go to waste...


Censors and sensibility

Why ban YA novels in the modern age? Banning books seems downright archaic...


Write Like a Grrrl!

Q&A with Write Like a Grrrl, who do inclusive creative writing courses for women across the UK!


Arts and crafts mythbusting: Putting the WHY into DIY

The internet abounds with cheap, simple ways to craft your ideal life. Is it really that easy?

Win £50 to spend on alternative fashion at Violet Vixen

Win £50 to spend on alternative fashion at Violet Vixen

Win £50 to spend on indie, 50s, gothic or steampunk fashion! Comp ends 30th Sep


The unbearable lightness of being a pizza

12 heartfelt reasons why sad pizzas feel sad and cry bitter caper tears. Much woe.


7 reasons to watch Sense8

With a 2nd season confirmed, here are 7 reasons to watch original sci-fi series Sense8!


Feminist book quiz

How well do you know your feminist literature? Find out now with our feminist book quiz.

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How to Argue Like an Adult

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Download Mook Book 2015

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Big girl style

Big girl style

Big girl fashion tips - style advice for curvy girls who love alternative style and …

Growing Up Trans... The Inbetweeners of Society

Growing Up Trans… The Inbetweeners of Society

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How To Build A Self Care Blanket Fort

How To Build A Self Care Blanket Fort

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