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About Mookychick: Mookychick is an inclusively feminist alternative lifestyle site. We love collaboration. Join us!

DID YOU KNOW? Mookychick has been going for over ten years. It first came into being in 2005. A quick scout of the forum will reveal we’re more than the sum of its parts. Members of the mooky community actively help each other – and you won’t find a wittier, thinkier or kinder bunch anywhere.

We want to provide a safe home for all those alternative people who don’t want to constrict themselves with a label, who know that life isn’t binary. We’re all part of a tribe that appreciates humour, intelligence, beauty and downright sexiness in all aspects of life – even if life is tough and it’s hard to always be kind to oneself.

Here at Mookychick, we look forward to a day when talking about feminism is as unnecessary as turning to the stranger next to you and going, “Wow, do you like breathing? Breathing’s BRILLIANT.”

We look forward to a day when feminism is as obvious and accepted as breathing. Unfortunately, that day is not yet here.

Say hello, chat to us and send us your stuff. New collaborators, partners and contributors are always welcome! If you want to write for Mookychick, check out our submissions page and say hi.

What does it mean to be ‘mooky’?

adj. moo·ky·er, moo·ki·est
old. moo.kie
Irish. Muh.kièic

  1. kooky
  2. cool
  3. intelligent
  4. funny
  5. alternative
  6. leftfield
  7. stylish
  8. irreverent
  9. inspired
  10. adventurous

Can be used (very broadly) in street slang for any particularly wonderful inanimate objects eg, ‘That’s a mooky pair of strides you’re sporting, missy‘ or ‘My, those strawberries look mooky enough for my strawberry daquiris‘ etc.

To be called a Mookychick (n) is verily an honour most high. Here is an excerpt from a little-known book of hippy-cool, beatnik style from the late 50s, which may give mooks a few helpful pointers:

“This chick walked into the party, head held high. Suddenly the whole world as we know it stopped spinning and orbited just round this cool babe’s shades. Stealthily, she moved from one person to the next speaking in a different language to each, everyone captivated by her sharply-crafted wit, her confident ease in flitting from subject to subject. Everyone dug her vibe, man. Sure, she was mooky…”

Pooky (adj) – opposite of mooky. Dull, thick, uninspired, conservative, boring, lacklustre, small-minded.

Basically, can be used for anything or anyone you don’t really like.

How are you feeling? Pooky.

Do you like my new clothes? No. They’re pooky.

Do you want your last bit of cake? No, it’s made of something foul and tastes pooky.

A final message of love from us to you

One day we woke up with a hangover and thought “today our hair looks crap. But yesterday it looked FANTASTIC. And every spot on our face is grateful it’s been able hang out with us for awhile.”