UK Feminism

Women Who Lived As Men

Women Who Lived As Men

Throughout history, women have successfully lived as men... let's share these women's tales.

UK Feminism

International Women’s Day & The Predictable Backlash

Every International Women's Day, these same 3 questions and statements come up. Every time!

UK Feminism

Why it’s OK to be angry

Following her sexism and friendship post, Moxie looks at the 4 female anger suppression types.


Feminism and friendship: How it works for me

How do you handle it when you experience sexism in your friendship group?


No More Page 3. Literally.

*Not literally! But a successful campaign means that Page 3 girls remain... as clothed models.


The Broken Pram

Gender adventures with blue and purple prams and my baby.


I have a Disney dream… of not getting tangled in MRAs

Rapunzel and the Rubber Duck Pub explore rights and dreams.

Women Rock Science: The big Q&A

Women Rock Science: The big Q&A

Women Rock Science founder Hadiza Mohammed talks about gender, race, diversity and science!


Playing A Game Of… Playground Romance

My 'boyfriend' when I was 6 was great, but why couldn't I just call him my friend?


When We Blame…

When women are held responsible for their safety and they, not their aggressors, are blamed.

Pit kittens

Young Women Growing Their Armpit Hair? Love Your Pittens!

Many women are increasingly growing their armpit hair... pit kitten lovers unite. Pittens!

unwanted attention

Rub Against Me And Insult Me? I Won’t Respond Politely.

Boy meets girl in bar. Advance followed by rejection. Hey, it happens. Then groping and insults? Just no.


The Cult Of #FroYo And Basic B!tches

FroYo, feminism and how 'Basic B!tch' is ruining things for women.

What is FGM? Something That Must Not Happen.

What is FGM? Something That Must Not Happen.

Girls are getting mutilated. It's not religious and it's not legal. It's everywhere. TW: Brief but medically explicit description of …