10 Ways to customize a T Shirt

10 Ways to customize a T Shirt

From the scissors only T Shirt Hack to turning old tees into cardigans, we explore ten crafty new ways to mangle and evolve your clothing.

Sometimes wearing the same old t-shirt day in, day out can get very boring. In this article, we discuss ten ways to go from drab to fab with ease. Pull out those dated tees and get creative…

1. Sleeve the past behind…

Take a long or short-sleeved tee and slice those sleeves right off. Simple, quick and cool, worn with a plaid skirt or jeans, this is rough and ready chic at its best.

2. Halter those old faves…

Grab your chosen tee, turn it inside out and slice off the collar and sleeves, keeping as much material in tact as possible for alterations later. Flip the t-shirt over, and cut along the back from armpit to armpit. You should be left with a flap which you can lie out flat. Trim this half panel into two 3-4 inch ‘straps’ and success – one super trendy top in just ten minutes! Watch a t-shirt get transformed here by VintageGal18.

‘How to make a no sew halter top from a t-shirt’ [Video] (2011) Retrieved June 20th 2012, from Youtube.

3. Split your sides…

Jyssa reveals The T-shirt Hack (or how to revamp an old t-shirt with nothing but scissors) on instructables.com

Grasp the underarm seam of your t-shirt. Making horizontal cuts of about 6 inches all the way up to the armpit, you will end up with something looking a bit like a rib cage. At this point, cut up from the bottom so you end up with two short fabric pieces on either side of the shirt. Tie or knot them and hey presto – done.

4. Spray it with stencils…

Head down to your local DIY shop and buy some stencils and spray paint and get creative! But don’t take our word for it, follow the lead of LA based Designer Andrew Hanson.

First Episode ‘Thread Banger’ [Video] (2007). Retrieved June 20th, 2012, from Youtube.

5. Dyeing to be seen…

This one calls for a little more than just scissors, but it will be well worth the results. Get hold of some rubber bands and some dye and you’re well on your way to owning your own unique masterpiece. See how on the video tutorial below. You can also get more detailed tips on how to tie dye on Mookychick.

‘How to tie-dye shirt designs: basic spiral patterns for tie dye shirts’ from Expert Village [Video] (2007) Retrieved June 20th, 2012 from Youtube.

6. Collaring the best looks for yourself…

If you’re anything like me, a rummage through your wardrobe will unveil a myriad of unused accessories, but cloth belts are particularly useful for jazzing up your old jersey tees. Pin the material along the neckline, fold back into pleats, pop in a stitch and voila – elegance in seconds!

7. Cardigan – yes you can!

mynameiskorrine “No-Sew Old Sweater into a New Cardigan” on instructables.com

Beloved by fashion-lovers the world over, this project requires investment in some WonderWeb. Simply take an oversized t-shirt, cut up the front of the middle, roll back the edges into a hem and iron into place with Wonder Web. An excellent way to layer your look!

8. Show off your shoulders…

Grab your t-shirt and cut off one of the sleeves. From here, cut across the collar to the seam on the underside of the opposite arm. Snip through the top of the remaining cuff and sew each piece of material around a curtain ring (stocked by all good haberdasheries). Check out Gianny’s great video for a comprehensive tutorial.

‘From plain tee to stylish, one shoulder tank’ from GiannyL [Video] (2009) Retrieved June 20th, 2012 from Youtube.

9. Stamped with a seal of approval…

Although this technique necessitates buying some water based acrylic paint, it allows you to be more flexible in your creative designs. Whether you want to buy an existing stamp or cut one from rubber, a splash of paint onto a rubber print pressed down on a t-shirt of your choice, will create a t-shirt with a truly personal touch.

10. Bling is the thing…

Got any old earrings, brooches or unworn jewellery cluttering up your home? A handful of safety pins or a few neat stitches, and an old t-shirt is instantly brought right up to date. Cluster them on the shoulders for a glamorous military look or simply experiment!

With tips like these, you’ll get your old t-shirts looking like a perfect 10 in no time at all!

With thanks to 8Ball.co.uk who made the magic happen. They sell tees, so it was very nice of them to explain how to trash them.

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