Christmas decoration ideas for book-lovers


If you celebrate Christmas and you’re a book lover – or know one – then your Christmas plans probably involve buying each other so many books that you’ll never need to get up off the sofa again. However, since winter is the perfect time to hibernate and get your uninterrupted read on, you can enhance the bookish atmosphere in your wintery bear cave with these literary touches. And many of them are DIY projects, so dig out your seasonal arts and crafts skills!

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1. Weigh down your tree with this literary tree ornament (The Library Shop).


2. Arm pets with broomsticks, then make a ‘golden snitch’ Harry Potter tree decoration with this tutorial. Let havoc ensue.


3. Arrange your favourite Christmas books in a basket, encouraging people to curl up and read them.


4. Make or decorate Christmas ornaments with literary quotes.


5. This DIY project is book cruelty-free: Print reams of your favourite text onto a Word doc, cut it into strips and paper mache to DIY ornaments made of scrunched newspaper. Twine looks nice for hanging, and isn’t too expensive for how much you get in a ball (plus you can re-use it for wrapping presents).


6. It’s a wrap with this book-motif rice paper washi tape (Etsy).


7. Compile Christmas cards and gift tags using a fountain pen dipped in an “I hate writing” Dorothy Parker inkwell (Vinegar and Brown Paper). Any excuse to have this, really.


8. Light candles with Literary Lites (burn logs, not books) (Etsy).





9. Christmas trees made out of books will always and forever be wonderful (and won’t damage your favourite reads).


10. Hasty addendum: Yes, Christmas book trees are wonderful, but on no account attempt this in your local library.


11. Paw at this Christmas tree ‘dictionary’ pine cone ornament(Etsy).


12. Make a bookish Christmas wreath (with a novel you didn’t like).

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