How to make a heart massage bar – DIY beauty recipe

heart massage bar diy recipe


It’ll save both bank balance and planet if we grab our whisks and create a decadent potion which will make the grateful recipient feel a zillion dollars (but only costing a few of your finest English sterling).

Imagine opening up a little box containing a gorgeously scented heart all tied up in organza fabric and ribbon. Well, imagine no more, today we shall craft a beautiful heart-shaped massage bar to give as soul-delighting ethical Winter Solstice/Christmas gift. So please tie up your apron strings and get ready for…

The Love spread

This cute heart-shaped massage bar uses intoxicating Monoi de Tahite which is Coconut oil infused with fragrant Gardenia petals.

To make your own massage bar, you will need:

  • 80g Organic cocoa butter
  • 20g fair-trade shea butter
  • 30ml Monoi oil
  • Rose-buds to decorate (optional)

Equipment needed

Weighing scales, chopping board and knife, measuring jug, heatproof non-metal bowl over a pan of simmering water (a bain-marie), mini whisk, and a heart shaped soap mould. Plus a pretty box and ribbon to jazz it up!

How to make your massage bar

Roughly chop the shea and cocoa butters, and melt gently in the bain-marie, add the monoi oil and warm through so everything is melted. Pour into the mould and leave to set, once it has started going a little solid poke some rose buds in the top so it looks pretty.

How to use

Smooth over the body… or someone else’s.

In beauty,

Star xxx