How to make record art – unwanted vinyl craft idea

how to make record art

How to make record art – turn unwanted old vinyl records into wall art with this clever craft idea!

Do you look through your record collection and wonder how the hell Hooked on Classics ended up there? Me too. But don’t haul your old vinyl records to the Salvation Army because there’s a way to transform them into DIY wall art.

Craft materials:

  • old record (it definitely won’t play after this, so make sure it sucks)
  • spray paint or acrylics
  • clear coat spray
  • ribbon scrap
  • hot glue gun
  • circular paper cut-out or photocopy 4″ in diameter
  • white glue or YES glue or Mod Podge

How to turn your old vinyl record into wall art

Spray paint your record and allow to dry. If you decide to use acrylics or craft paint, use a large brush and paint in the direction of the grooves. Personally, I like the brush strokes to show, but if you want the record to be smooth, you’ll need at least 3-4 coats.

Find an image you like (maybe it’s you or your dog, your current rock star crush, or an image from your favorite movie). Find something circular to use as a template for cutting your circle like a glass or coaster or stencil. Large records typically have a center label about 4″ in diameter so your image should be that big or a little bigger to cover the label. Glue your image(s) with white glue (or whatever you have) and create your design. For the record above, I did a blend using white, gray, and black paint over a star-shaped stencil.

When you like your design, coat the entire record with clear coating, and allow to dry. Then you can hot glue a scrap of ribbon on the back for a hanger.

Add anything else you like! Glitter, rhinestones, sequins, stickers, postage stamps, more ribbons, playing cards, match books, ticket stubs…

Rebel record art: I painted the banner, then typed “Rebel” on the computer and printed it out the correct size. I traced the letters using transfer paper and then painted it with a paint pen. I’d like to say my handwriting is that awesome, but honestly, I cheated.

Beetlejuice record art: This was done with painter’s tape but masking tape will work too. I didn’t need to paint the black parts, just the white ones.

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