Cupcake tea party ideas

Cupcake tea party ideas

Tea party ideas: Cupcakes are as cool as they are cuplike, so why not enjoy them with your friends at a little cupcake tea party? Yes, this really is as cute as it sounds!

How many girls can honestly say that they dislike cupcakes? That’s a rhetorical question, naturally. Cupcakes are great fun to make and VERY fun to eat, especially with company! If you follow these steps, your cupcakes party will be one of the greatest parties ever, and one your friends will certainly remember.

Quick decisions

You’ll need to make a few decisions before you start planning your cupcakes tea party:

  • Are you making the cupcakes before the party, or are you making them with your friends as part of the party?
  • How many people will you invite? I reccomend a maximum of 5, to keep everything cosy and a bit quieter
  • How much of a party is it? A little get-together, or a fancy afternoon snack parlour? (I prefer the latter)
  • Is there going to be a clothing theme? (“Pastel colours only” is a nice one to try, or you could ask your friends to use their imaginations on the themes of “Mister Kipling” – an old-fashioned man who makes exceedingly good cakes or “French Fancies”. So frou-frou!)

Entertaining your tea party guests

Retro board games are a fun thing to do, and it keeps the old-fashioned atmosphere. Ask your friends to bring any of their favourite board games. Good games include: