15 Glitter Life Hacks To Make Your World Sparkle

15 Glitter Life Hacks To Make Your World Sparkle
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Glitter is so very, very fun but it is useful too. These 15 glitter life hacks will make your world sparkle!

1. Use eyeshadow and glitter to make your own nail polish colours…

There are more interesting colours for eyeshadow than there are for nail varnish, and the glitter nail varnishes out there can be quite limited in their range. This tutorial shows you how to make glitter polish with new colours and textures.

2. … But sometimes the best thing to do with glitter nail polish is remove it.

LinRaptor shows you how it’s done.

3. Allergic to glitter? Wear edible glitter instead.

Some people have allergic reactions to a mineral called mica which can be found in some glitters. However, edible glitter is made of starch-based food products which the body can digest, so try wearing that instead. Quick tip: If you’re sprinkling glitter on food or your lips, first check it says EDIBLE and not just non-toxic. “Non-toxic” glitter can be made of plastic – which wouldn’t be ideal for your cupcakes!

4. Use glitter nail varnish to stop people messing with your laptop.

If you don’t want people mucking about with your gear (perhaps you’re travelling) you can stop them with glitter nail varnish, according to security gurus at the Chaos Communication Congress. Security screws are easy to remove and replace, but if you swirl them first with glitter nail varnish (and take a photo of the swirl, unless your memory is awesome) they will never be able to replicate the swirl or keep it undisturbed if they’re tampering with your laptop.

5. Use glue and glitter to fix old shoes.

Look, we know the REAL problem with old shoes – they’re really stinky and those holes keep letting the rain in. But if you fix all that and your only problem is they look a bit tatty, grab some mod podge glue and glitter and get to work!

6. Break in case of fabulous.

This box was found by a Redditor in Asbury Park and every street should have one. Who made it? How was it made? We don’t know. If it was you, please tell us so we can credit your wonderful street art.

7. Use stealth glitter to subvert multinationals.

Glitter is the great leveller. It brings childlike non-corporate joy to all – and it gets everywhere. So pick a subtle, fine-grained glitter that matches the tone of your hair/skin. If you can’t find a matching tone, try an almost-neutral silver but make sure the grain of the glitter is VERY fine. The next time you go to a corporate event – or anywhere where you might safely come into contact with office workers – wear some glitter on the sly. Look smart. Look neat. Dab a very small amount of super-subtle glitter in the underside of your hair (if it’s loose) or on perfume points like the insides of your wrists or behind your ear. Barely visible, right? GOOD. Now… whenever you shake hands or air-kiss that glitter will spread like a benign plague. And no-one will know it was you. Several days, showers and human-glitter-chains later, a suit will be in a really important meeting and a sheikh or politican will interrupt their corporate talk to exclaim with helpless delight “oh my, you have GLITTER on your chin!”

8. Glitter bombing.

Glitter bombing is a non-violent form of activism which started in the USA, where protestors throw glitter on people at public events. Activism is in itself a kind of life hack. If you want to actively protest in a major way but don’t want to hurt anyone (please don’t hurt anyone) then glitter bombing might be for you. Please note: The student protesting Prop 8 who allegedly glitter bombed Mitt Romney in 2012 was arrested and charged with creating a disturbance, unlawful acts on school property and… throwing a missile. Some legal types might say that glitter bombing counts as assault and battery because glitter could enter tender bits like the eyes or nose and cause damage depending on the size of the glitter. So… this could be an activity that’s classed as illegal, if you’re seriously thinking of doing it.

9. Guerilla glitter street art for urban health and safety.

Sometimes you get corners and steps in the urban environment which are hard to spot in the dark and could really hurt people. It’s time for a Guerilla Glitter Intervention! A little glow in the dark glitter pasted along a dangerous step could make the edge easier to see in the dark, and also make the world prettier. Note: For street art with no permanency you can just sprinkle the glitter, but for safety measures you’ll need a little glue.

10. Make a glitter calm jar.

Make a glitter calm jar with water, glue, a little food colouring and some glitter. Watch it settle – or if your littlie needs time out, shake the jar and ask the child to watch the jar until the glitter settles.

11. Make a glitter disco ball.

Need clever lighting on the cheap? A glitter disco ball is the answer – you just need a standard paper lantern and some glitter spray. You may need a second light source to make light refract and bounce off the walls in a subtle yet ever-changing way. Plus you can fold your disco ball up and put it away for another time if you don’t mind the glitter getting a few cracks! See tutorial.

12. Glitter temporary tattoos.

Temporary glitter tattoos are great for kids but they don’t have to be for kids. Perhaps you want a tattoo of a raven, because that would be nice, but you’re not sure. Time for a glitter life hack! Take eyelash glue, glitter (it doesn’t have to be wonderfully rainbow bright – you can get subtle black glitter), a stencil – and you’re done. Tip: Place the tattoo away from joints and areas where it will crease or keep brushing up against things. See tutorial. Note: Cosmetic Candy (pictured) did theirs with a Jinny Rainbow kit.

13. Tell your keys apart with glitter.

Possibly the most life-changing glitter life hack of all. Modge podge glue is your friend. Cive the glitter a final couple of coats of clear nail varnish so your purse or bag doesn’t become a glitter-cave.

14. Science glitter will change our world.

Because gold nanoparticles are glitter, aren’t they? Gold nanoparticles are being developed by scientists to transport medicine safely to target areas in the body. They could also transform trees into street lights, too… some mind-blowing STEM glitter life hacks right there.

15. Fontcrafts have it right.

Photo: Fontcrafts

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