Unbirthday party

Unbirthday party

How to have yourself a Very Merry Unbirthday Party! Lewis Carroll coined the idea of an unbirthday in ‘Through the Looking Glass’, but if your birthday falls on a ‘taken’ day like Christmas then an unbirthday party might be the very thing…

What is an Unbirthday?

An Unbirthday party is a celebration on any day that is not one’s birthday. The term originated in the famous novel Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll and was then transformed into “A Very Merry Unbirthday to You”, the song from the animated movie, Alice in Wonderland, released in 1951 by Disney. Here’s an example of an Unbirthday party in context: If you were born on May 29th, you might feel like having a sledding party with your friends on January 3rd (don’t forget the hot cocoa!). THAT, my fellow mooks, is an Unbirthday party. (Note: ‘Un-birthday’ and ‘Unbirthday’ are both accepted spellings. I quite rightly prefer the hypheny goodness of ‘un-birthday’, but those naughtily maverick Mooky editors have thwarted my hypheny plans!)

Planning Your Unbirthday Party

One important aspect of planning your Unbirthday party is inviting all the right people. Make sure that everyone you invite gets the memo that this is an Unbirthday party and that gifts are not expected. This also makes an Unbirthday party more appealing to those of your buddies who may not be in the financial straits to afford the present they would love to give you if this was, in fact, your birthday party.

Party Ideas

The classic Unbirthday party from Alice in Wonderland is, of course, a Mad Tea Party. You probably already have an idea on how to have a tea party so all you have to do is make it mad (Note: “Mad” in this context does NOT mean “angry.” Only the truly mad would want an Angry Tea Party.)

Some ideas for a Mad Tea Party include:

. Unusual decorations including flowers in rainbow hues, oddly-shaped tea pots and tea cups. A lovely-yet-crazy tablecloth is a must. What do you mean, you don’t know how to make a cup of tea?

. Strangely coloured ice cubes for use in the strangely coloured lemonade/punch that you provide for those party-invitees who are not, for some reason, partial to a cup of tea.

. Fun sandwiches cut into delightfully awesome shapes (the obvious options are squares and triangles – and the fun and creative ones include dinosaurs, stars, hearts and trees. The stranger shapes can be achieved by using cookie-cutters or specially-made sandwich cutters.)

. Brightly-coloured sweets. Or sweets with a bit of heritage – rhubarb and custard, chocolate and lime, candy shrimps, blackjacks and pineapple cubes.

. Three words: Black light party.

. Dress up like a Victorian girl/lady and take it all the way! For added fun, make it a costume/theme party with the right clothes and the right lingo.

. Play the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack loud and proud and pretend to be 9 years old again.

. You may also decide to go the way of the 1920s speakeasy from the 1920s and supply alcohol in your tea cups – any tea party is bound to get mad after a few of these.

. See the other mookychick articles at the bottom of this article for a more in-depth look at the art of Mad Tea Parties, Black Light Parties and Victorian awesomeness.

If your birthday is in a completely different season to the one in which you decide to hold your Unbirthday party, take advantage of the change in scenery and plan something you never could on your birthday.

. Instead of a swimming excursion opt for a sledding/skiing/snowboarding/ice-skating party, or the other way around.

. Instead of playing Twister (the stocking-feet game) out in lovely spring weather, try raking leaves into large piles and leaping into them, and play hide-and-go-seek in a beautiful woodsy setting at a park; the leaves changing colour all around you will make for great photos of your very merry unbirthday.

The possibilities are endless! Just be crazy and happy. You do, you know, have 364 chances (365 if you want to include leap years) to have the perfect Unbirthday party every year, so celebrate away and have fun…

This unbirthday cake by Sockaichan is unspeakably good and clever.

Photo by Miss Lulu

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