Track Driving experience days

Track Driving experience days

An adrenalish rush is best when the danger is under control. An interesting way to get it going is track driving. There are more women taking up the sport, and they’re said to be better track drivers as they have lighter frames…

An adrenaline rush is the name given to the total elation, increased heartbeat and freedom from fear and inhibition that you get when the adrenal gland goes into overload. Designed to keep our ancestors cool in the face of bear attack, invasion by Neanderthal tribes, or rattlesnakes hiding in the cave, since life lost most of these little surprises, people have turned to all sorts of activities in order to experience that rush. Shortness of breath, racing heartbeats and wild excitement when the danger is under control… Whether it’s extreme sports or stepping into the unknown, we just can’t help ourselves.

Track-driving: A somewhat safe extreme hobby

Track driving isn’t ladylike, but it’s alternative in that few people do it. That’s why we wanted to introduce mooks who can drive to the possibilities. Track driving as a regular hobby is wildly expensive and involves garages and being elbows-deep in grease. A track day is one way to get in touch with the adrenalin felt by your ancestors. And it’s one of those things you can add to the old cosmic CV. “Yes, I’ve done that…”

Track driving generally involves getting to take a very fast car around a real racing track, complete with your own shiny helmet and racing jumpsuit. Sometimes referred to as ‘Formula One days’ or simply

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