shadowhunters tv show diversity poster

Shadowhunters diverse cast – doing it right

Shadowhunters diverse cast decisions get the show a big thumbs-up AND a big audience. The TV pilot airs to 1.82 million US viewers...

the girl with all the gifts

Hollywood Whitewashing in film casting for Girl with all the Gifts

Hollywood whitewashing strikes again. If only an actress of colour was playing the wonderful Miss Justineau...


Hot Girls Wanted: A Modern Fairytale

Does the Hot Girls Wanted documentary reveal similarities between fairytales and the adult film biz?


The Juniper Tree: Watch Björk, aged 20, in dark witchy fairytale

When she was 20, Björk was in The Juniper Tree, a dark Icelandic tale of witchery and magic...


7 reasons to watch Sense8

With a 2nd season confirmed, here are 7 reasons to watch original sci-fi series Sense8!


The trailer for 2015’s feminist movie Suffragette is here!

Watch the trailer for Suffragette, the first-ever feature film about the British suffrage movement.

Doctor Who Missy season 8

It’s official: Doctor Who season 9 has woman writer

Steven Moffat hires woman writer for an episode of Doctor Who season 9


Black Butler Movie Review

He's just a... devilish... butler? The live action Black Butler film got a limited UK release...



Daniel Radcliffe stars in new fantasy horror drama Horns. When it comes to revenge, the devil lies in the details...

3 Reasons Why Guardians Of The Galaxy Was A Runaway Success

3 Reasons Why Guardians Of The Galaxy Was A Runaway Success

So Guardians of the Galaxy had a higher percentage of female viewers than most superhero films? Maybe we all just want a new story...

Pictures of THE HOBBIT movie

Pictures of THE HOBBIT movie

See Mookychick's pictures of THE HOBBIT movie! Check out pictures of the dwarves and Martin Freeman as the Hobbit, along with the Hobbit cast news, the Hobbit curse and more...

X Men First Class

X Men First Class

X Men review: What's worse than being a mutant? Being a mutant of colour, apparently...

Source Code

Source Code

Sophisticated time travel thriller 'Source Code' raises questions...

best Korean films

Top 20 Best Korean Films of All Time

Best Korean Films of all time - From eerie horror and joyous romance through to unique action thrillers with beautiful cinematography. Mookychick brings you the best list of Korean films ever..