2 face exercises you can try for shaping lips. Facercise!

lip facercise exercises

Facercise exercises can give you fresher, more elastic skin – and you can do them anywhere. Carole Maggio pretty much invented dynamic tension for the face. Here are two of her lip exercises for you to try out now – for free.


facercise lip exercise - get bigger lips without cosmetic surgeryfacercise lip exercise - get bigger lips without cosmetic surgery

The two positions (fingers down and up) of the Mount Corner Lift facercise

RESULTS: With age, the zygomaticus muscles sag, causing the mouth corners to droop. This facercise exercise causes droopy mouth corners to firm up and turn up.

METHOD: This facercise exercise can be done sitting or lying down. Close your lips together. Tighten the corners of your mouth into hard knots by sucking them in tight to your back teeth. Don’t clench your teeth, and maintain steady breathing as you go. Place your index fingers lightly in the corners of your mouth (figure 1). Keep sucking the corners of your mouth in and visualize the corners turning up in a tiny smile, then visualise the corners turning down like a tiny frown. Imagine turning them slowly up and down. Move your fingers away from the corners of your mouth in tiny up and down pulses, following the energy you feel in the corners (figure 2). Continue moving the fingers away until the muscles at the corners of the mouth burn. Hold the burn for a count of twenty moving the fingers up and down in half-inch pulses. This will intensify the burn.

REMEMBER: The success of this facercise exercise relies heavily on your use of the mind-muscle connection. In your mind, you are visualising the corner of your mouth going up and down about half an inch as you pulse the index fingers. This is a mental movement, not a physical movement! Do this mouth corner lift exercise twice daily.

ADVANCED METHOD: Raise your head half an inch off the floor or bed each time you visualise the corners moving up and down. When you feel the burn, keep your head up and count to thirty pulsing the fingers up and down.


facercise lip exercise - get bigger lips without cosmetic surgery

Lip shaper facercise

RESULTS: By working the orbicularis oris muscle around the mouth, the Lip Shaper makes the mouth look firmer and fuller. This exercise enlarges the lips and smooths out any lines if you have them above the upper lip.

METHOD: This can be done sitting up or lying down. Close your lips. Don’t clench your teeth. Put the tip of your index finger in between your upper and lower lips. Press lips together and visualise your finger as a pencil that you are crushing. Slowly pull your finger out from the centre of your lips while seeing and feeling the pencil. Draw the energy point out and lengthen your imaginary pencil until your feel the burn (see above). Pulse your finger up and down quickly for a count of thirty.

REMEMBER: Do the Lip Shaper twice a day to plump up thin lips. This is a healthy exercise for people who hold their tension in their mouths.

ADVANCED METHOD: Do this facercise lying down and raise your head one inch off the bed or floor as soon as you feel the burn. Hold, and pulse your finger quickly up and down to intensify the burn for a count of thirty.