How to Get Big Pouty Lips

how to get big lips pouty

Discover how to get big pouty lips with DIY remedies that plump your lip line naturally. Get bigger lips without makeup!

Apparently men go wild for big, kissy, pink, puffy pouty lips as it looks like you’re sexually up for it and they’ll fantasise like mad about you getting your gums around their plums and such-like.

But hey! Forget about expensive lip-plumping cosmetics as the secret ingredients are probably already in your kitchen cupboard.

Recipe for Pouty Lips

This simple recipe will guarantee perfect plump lips and a pinky pucker a couple of times a week. And you won’t have to bother with carrying a lipstick around with you.

Lip Plump Recipe

You’ll need…

  • Powdered cinnamon
  • Vaseline
  • Table salt
  • Uncooked beetroot or red food colouring


Put a scoop of Vaseline in the lid of the pot.

Mix in half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Blend well and apply to your lips with your fingertip, rubbing your lips and sloughing off any chapped skin with the rough, salty mixture. Keep scrubbing until your lips are smooth and tingly from the cinnamon.

Leave on for 5 minutes to let the cinnamon work its lip-plumping magic then wipe off.

Using a lip brush, paint your lips with red food colouring or the juice of a cut fresh beetroot. Leave this to stain overnight (so don’t be slapdash about the application – it’ll last a few days!).

Add a slick of Vaseline the next morning and voila! Angelina Jolie!