Haydria perfume

Haydria perfume

The Haydria Perfumery is a glittering, jewel-encrusted, pin-up perfumery run by a very lovely lady named, funnily enough, Haydria. She loves the pin-up lifestyle and aims to use scent to take girls back to the fifties and sixties; to the age of happy-go-lucky pastel shades and rhinestones a-go-go…

The perfume of the Haydria Perfumery, based in West Hertford CT, America, comes presented as:

  • Liquid perfume – in glass bottles with swarovski crystal embellishments
  • Solid perfume – as the pendant of a stunning brass locket
  • Tiny bejewelled perfume compact (perfect for carrying in your handbag or purse)

Having roadtested all of the above we must point out that Haydria’s solid scent melts better than any we’ve ever tested – and is surprisingly not at all sticky! The scents are long-lasting and subtle, despite their obvious edge, and Haydria Perfumery has received stunning reviews all-round – most particularly from pin-up glamour girl Bernie Dexter, who says “I get so many compliments on it! I am sure you will love it too!”

As our gift to womankind we took on the weighty burden (ahem) of roadtesting some of the Haydria Perfumery’s most popular perfumes to see if we were indeed transported through scent to a bygone era.


This musky and highly exotic scent was designed specially for pin-up model Bernie Dexter by the Haydria Perfumery and is sold as ‘Bernie! by Bernie Dexter’. A cool scent with a floral, traditional edge, it perfectly suits its namesake and for some reason smells deliciously like a massage oil!

Amy’s rating: 7/10

Rachel’s rating: 9.5/10

Gypsy Queen

‘Gypsy Queen’ perfectly captures the first image that comes to our mind on hearing the word ‘Gypsy’. A painted cart, long loose curly hair, gorgeous jewellery, long light cheesecloth skirts… This is the scent of the outdoors. Fresh and with a slight hint of citrus it captures summertime and a hint of something fantastic and exotic.

Amy’s rating: 8/10

Rachel’s rating: 8.5/10

My Geisha

A light and cool scent with a floral edge to it, it is easy to guess why Haydria named this one after Geishas. Store it in the fridge, spritz then go for the full effect!

Amy’s rating: 7/10

Rachel’s rating: 6/10

Pure Sin

‘Pure Sin’ is just that – with hints of sweet-shop and the traditional ‘girlie girl’, this perfume is easy to fall for in an instant. It’s a deep scent which anyone would get lost in the aroma of, given half the chance…

Amy’s rating: 9/10

Rachel’s Rating: 8.5/10

Tainted Love

Pretty and delicate, we can imagine Southern Belles in their boudoirs teasingly dabbing this scent on their wrists to entice their gentleman callers.

Amy’s rating: 8/10

Rachel’s Rating: 8/10

L’eau Exotique

When sniffing our sampler of this one, our reaction was “oooh…” – it is very different from everything else Haydria offers. With a hint of childish innocence, it brought back memories of blowing bubbles in the summer sun. Fresh and flighty, it suits the blue crystals that adorn its bottle!

Amy’s rating: 9.5 /10

Rachel’s rating: 10/10

Harem Girl

The most musky and seductive scent Haydria has to offer, ‘Harem Girl’ captures the ‘harem’ element with undertones of incense, evocative of brightly coloured veils and Indian embroidered cushions.

Amy’s rating: 8/10

Rachel’s rating :9/10

Burlesque Blue

Summer at the beach with the girls… nights out, dancing with the girls… soirĂ©es with cocktails with the girls… This perfume brought to mind everything you love about your friends, with its sweet, loveable scent. ‘Burlesque Blue’ is clean and traditional, floral, and we know you can’t smell a colour… but very blue!

Amy’s rating: 7/10

Rachel’s rating: 8/10

Experience it for yourself! Haydria’s perfume can be bought at