How to do false eyelashes and choose the right false lashes

false eyelashes pink feather

Nothing epitomises fun more than the fluttering of huge eyelashes, curled like provocative question marks. Get your false eyelashes right – and they will become your pride and joy for day AND night!

What sort of false eyelashes should I go for?

  • Fine sparse lashes? Go for thick, brushy lashes of one length. These create the volume you need. Try: MAC’s #1 lashes, Revlon – Intensifying or Eylure Naturalite – Volume .
  • Natural everyday look: Go for fine, spaced out lashes with some length to them. Try: Eylure Naturalite 116 – Glamour or Revlon – Precision.
  • Eye definition: Choose ones that have more length at the outer end of the strip to enhance your eye shape and give some flutter. Try: MAC’s #34 lashes or Revlon – Blue Shadow.
  • Full-on glamour: choose lashes that are long and spiky. Try: Shu Uemura in Black V or Eylure Naturalite 120 – Glamour .
  • Doe-eyes: go for long fluffy one length lashes. Try: MAC’s #37.
  • Statement eyes: go for long spaced out lashes with some curl to them. Try: Mac’s #7.

What to avoid when applying false eyelashes

There are only a couple of things that in my experience don’t really work:

  • Single lashes: A pain to put on, negligible effect.
  • Outer corners only: They tend to look out of place with the rest of your lashes.
  • Foil: These are just tacky and will make you look like a clown, unless you know what you are doing and are intentionally going for a dramatic, theatrical look

How to apply those false eyelashes

It really isn’t that hard with some practice:

1. Get the eyelash strips the right way round and the right side round. Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people get them wrong!

2. Apply plenty of glue all along the strip. It is better in my opinion to have plenty and wipe a bit off than not have enough and have them slipping, falling off etc.

3. Place the inner corner where your natural lashes start, and try to get the strip as close to the root base of your eyelashes as you can. Press down to attach the false eyelash.

4. Press along the length of the strip, pushing it into the base crease of your natural eyelashes as much as you can. Be as firm as you can without blinding/hurting yourself.

5. While the glue is still damp you can work the lashes into the right place if you didn’t quite get it perfect.

6. I add more glue to make sure they are on good and proper! Wipe off any glue on your actual eyelid.

7. When the glue is dry, apply your eye makeup as normal. You can put a coat of mascara over the lashes if you want, but only make it one layer.

8. To take them off, start at the outer corner and pull slowly inwards. If they are on tight, get some warm water on a flannel and hold it on until the glue softens up.

9. Always keep your eyelashes in the case they came in. The ridges help them keep their shape and the case prevents them from damage.

WARNING: When you find that magic pair that fully transform your face (and you WILL!) wearing false eyelashes may become highly addictive!