How to get pale skin

pale gothic skin

However, you might be wanting to achieve greater pallor, because that’s a particular element you want to play with. If this is the case, here are a few lovely little options for you to play with:

Make your own home-made skin bleach from kitchen ingredients

  • A sliced lemon
  • A cup of milk
  • A few teaspoons of unflavoured yoghurt

All you have to do is add the lemon slices to the cup of milk and soak them for a few hours, then remove the slices and add the yoghurt for thickness until you have a nice gloopy paste you wouldn’t mind putting on your face. Apply the skin lightening mask to a test area on your body and leave it there for up to half an hour to make sure you don’t get an uncomfortable reaction (such as burning, itching or a rash). Does everything seem fine? If so, apply the bleach to your face for not more than two hours, and do wash it off if it feels at all uncomfortable!

Nothing says pale skin like talc

It can dry your skin like nothing else, but replacing your normal face powder (if you use it) with talcum powder will give you an excellently unearthly pale hue! Try the less is more technique, and build up the talc as you go to get the shade you’re looking for.

Go for gothic contrast with hair and eyes

One way to accentuate your pale skin is to accentuate your eyes and hair in a contrasting shade. Rim your eyes with kohl, and you may wish to dye your hair a dark shade (although the gothic style works just as well with absolutely any hair shade, from red to blonde to purple).

Protect your skin from the sun

Mookychick has a lovely tutorial on how to make your own gothic parasol to keep your skin protected from the sun! Go for sun block with a high SPF, too – it makes sense. Kind to your skin, and helps you get the look you want.