Lilac Glitter Nail Art DIY Tutorial


This nail art tutorial is for you to nail the lilac glitter idea. The combination of elegant lilac with little silver flames of glitter makes the nails look stunning, so this is a perfect choice for a wedding or a light coloured party dress.

You will need:

  • Silver glitter
  • Lilac nail polish
  • Transparent nail polish
  • Cotton buds for applying glitter


Step 1

  • Apply base coat to prevent the nail from staining and chipping. Don’t compromise on your base coat as it lends extra strength to your nails.
  • After you are done with the first coat, leave it to dry.


Step 2

Apply lilac nail polish evenly on top of the base coat and allow it to dry, then apply a second coat of lilac nail polish and leave that to dry, too. Less is more when applying polish – it’s better to apply it thinly and evenly and build up the colour than to clump it all on in one go. Yes, it’s more time-consuming, but you’ll end up with an even effect, strong colour and less chance of build-up or smudging in the corners of the nails.


Step 3

  • Apply silver nail polish at the bottom of the nails.
  • Leave no gap and move straight onto step 4, as the silver nail polish will act as a base to hold the glitter till you use the top coat.


Step 4

  • Now apply silver glitter on the top of it
  • Because of the silver nail polish, a little glitter will be enough for each nail. Do a little dab at the bottom of the fingernail and spread it out gently to get the effect you want!
  • Once the silver nail polish has dried, you can move onto the final step.


Step 5

  • It’s time for the transparent nail polish to hold all your art in place!
  • 2 coats of a good quality top coat will seal your glitter art and give it an elegant finish.
  • There are base coats out there which also act as top coats, so that means fewer bottles taking up beauty space…


And when you’re done, it should look similar to this. You can improvise and blend this with another technique.


As you keep experimenting and learning new ways of doing your nails, soon you will effortlessly perfect them. There are various types of nail art for you to try based on their difficulty and you can eventually start perfecting the more complicated designs as you practising! (That link, by the way, goes to a nail art app called Nail Art for All, with lots of designs and ideas on there.) Keep going, enjoy the time you put into it and you’ll be closer than ever to nailing your creative ideas!