Make-up brushes explained


Brushes To Apply Foundation

Foundation Brush


The traditional foundation brush has flat laying bristles with a rounded head that allows you to apply foundation streak free. The shape of the brush also means you can apply your makeup with ease without having to worry about covering tricky areas such as around the nose and mouth.

Stippling Brush


Stippling brushes should be used with liquid foundation. They have super soft bristles that help build coverage to create flawless looking skin creating an almost airbrushed effect.



Makeup sponges can give great flawless coverage with the egg shape making it easier to get into your faces nooks and cranny’s. They are also great for blending.

Powder Brushes

Kabuki Brush


Kabuki brushes have dense bristles that is used to pick up and apply powder to the face. Kabuki brushes buff the powder over your face helping to blend and eradicate any lines or unevenness that may have occurred.

 Angled Blush Brush


Angled contour brushes are perfect for applying bronzer or blush. Due to the shape of the brush it helps define cheekbones, giving a more defined and chiseled look.

Powder Brush


A powder brush is a fluffy full brush with soft bristles to pick up and apply loose powder. This is perfect to give all over light coverage to avoid looking too ‘cakey’ or overdone. Great to use to finish off your makeup with a loose powder foundation or a shimmer powder.

Sundry Make-up Brushes

Concealer Brush


Concealer brushes do range slightly in size. The slightly rounded edged concealer brush is better to cover dark circles under the eye, whereas the smaller more pointed brush helps to hide imperfections such as blemishes.

Lip Brush


Lip brushes help to make application of lip colour easier. This is especially helpful to apply lip colour from a palette. It also helps to layer colour and avoid feathering of the lips.

Make-up Brushes for Eyes

Angled Eye Brush


The Short stiff bristles of an angled brush help to line eyes with more precision to give them definition when using gel or powder shadow. The bristles also allow you to pick up more product, making it easier to build a more intense look.

Alternatively they can also be used to define or fill in sparse brows for a more natural look.

Stiff Dome Brush


This dome shaped brush used for eyeshadow is great for applying a pop of colour. As the brush is stiff you can pick up more product with it and build it up for a more intense look. The dome shape also makes it easier to get to areas such as the corners and crease of the eye.

Blending Brush/ Soft Dome Brush


Blending brushes have soft fluffy bristles which are perfect to blend colours or apply slight colour to the lid. An example of this would be to create a smokey eye effect by blending the harsh lines out.

And there you have it! If you want to experiment, there’s no need to get all your brushes all at once. You can pick the ones that sound most useful and have a play, getting to know them while you build your collection bit by bit.

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