Panasonic wet dry epilator – Epilating tips

Panasonic wet dry epilator - Epilating tips

Meet… the Panasonic Epiglide!

  • Triple discs epilate SO fast and well
  • Works in bath and shower!
  • Hugely comfortable to use
  • Arms/legs head
  • Bikini/underarms head
  • Shaver head
  • Cordless
  • Remember our initial epilator deathmatch? Well, we’ve got a new kid on the block – the Panasonic wet/dry epilator. Witness its triple spin discs of death, danger and desire (that’s death to hair, danger to any hair thinking of growing out of your hairy body, and desire for less body hair). Hurrah!

    MOOKYCHICK SAYS: The Panasonic ES2067 Epiglide Ultra wet/dry epilator is a clever little thing that uses Triple Spinning Discs to remove body hair rather effectively indeed. The swirling motion of the heads means you can quickly epilate away without worrying about direction of hair growth.

    This wet/dry epilator can be used on dry or wet skin. It’s waterproof so you can use it when having a bath or shower. We’re not joking. We don’t mean have a bath, wet the epilator like it says, make sure the epilator doesn’t fall in the bath, jump out, get cold, use the epilator, jump back into your chilly bath. We mean you can actually use it IN the bath. Don’t be afraid – just get that little fella totally under the water!

    Round 1: Style

    This little baby is about substance not style. It’s not ugly – it’s just not pandering to girly or alternative swirls and pink bits. It’s – just a thing that you use, you know? Having said that, it looks like a nice compact creamy lozenge that will do the job and not shame you in any way if you pull it out of a bag. Although it has three heads (big one for arms and legs, little one for underarms and nunu, and other one for shaving) you’ll soon decide which your favourites are. The epilator, spare heads and charger all fit into the nice little matte silver travel case it comes with, so the whole thing packs up pretty small – which is good for travelling, and good for bedrooms that already have a million things strewn around in them.

    Round 2: How easy is it to use?

    Ooh, very easy! But let’s put it this way – you have to read the instructions first to make sure you’re doing it right. There’s a little diagram to show you which head does what, and it’s very easy to change the heads.

    For the big test, I had a bath. A proper bath with bubbles and everything. Please, I thought. Don’t let me electrocute myself over this. As the bath was running I tested out the dry epilation. Because I’m no longer an epilator virgin I used the small head and went straight for the nunu and and nips (I’m not an utter Hairy Mary, because I epilate – but, yes, I am one of those girls whose nipples can look a bit like a mouse’s nose complete with whiskers if I’m not careful). The small head that deals with nunu and underarms felt very delicate as it epilated the hair – not painful at all. I then tested it out in the wet. First I wet the heads, then put a bit of liquid soap on them. Then I jumped in and out of the bath (yes, I know, wuss, but I wasn’t ready to die with a full bath test) and tried the nunu head again. I could’t believe how soft it felt – the liquid soap turned into a lather and I could barely feel the epilator as it did its work. In fact, I was so unbelieving I tried it on my underarms, which to me are my most painful area. Sadly I’d shaved them the day before so there wasn’t much to work with but I could tell this epilator had a gentle way of going about things.

    Finally – drum roll, please – I stuck on the big head with the triple spinning discs. This head is designed to deal with a large surface area of hair like arms and legs, and it’s curved really well to deal with problem areas like knees, elbows and the ridged bone at the front of your lower legs. As before, I wet the heads, added liquid soap and – wow. The lather worked its magic again. What was more, I got my legs done much faster than usual – the whole experience felt a bit more like shaving and a bit less hard work.

    Round 3: Pain factor

    As I’ve said, the option to add liquid soap to the epilator and create a bit of foamy lather really did make for a softer, more pleasant epilation experience. The science bit is that the stream of foam created by the rotating discs causes hairs that are laying down to stand upright so they can be easily grasped and removed.

    I was also impressed by how painless the bikini/underarm epilator head felt. Apparently all the epilation heads are surrounded by a ‘skin comforter’ – well, I’ve no idea what that is, but it may well have done the trick.

    Lastly, it’s worth noting that epilating did feel a lot more comfortable in a warm bath. Apparently that’s because the warm water lets pores open naturally due to the warmth and your skin becomes softer so that hair can be removed more easily.

    Round 4: Epilating tips

    Take care to wash your epilator heads properly after you use them. The hairs will clog up and get manky otherwise.

    Panasonic say you really shouldn’t use the legs/arms epilation head on your underarms or nunu. I’ve no idea why. I did anyway, as a test. As a result I had to clean some quite long hairs from the epilation head afterwards, so I’d suggest if you do disobey Panasonic, as I did, then trim your longer hairs before you go and break the rules.

    Move your epilator quite slowly in gentle circular movements while using it. And you don’t need to press that hard (but don’t worry if you do press too hard – the epilator will just stop working until you relax the pressure again).

    Ding ding ding! Final thoughts

    This Panasonic Epiglide is a really, really comfortable epilator to use. The triple discs genuinely speed up the process and make it so much easier – and the whole experience of being able to epilate in the serene comfort of a foamy bath or as part of the shower was really comfortable. I didn’t appreciate how much more enjoyable and non-faffesque the experience would be until I tried it. Impressed? Yes. I ended up with legs that Dita Von Teese, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, would be proud of. We give it a two thumbs up!

    Unless Panasonic tell me otherwise I probably will keep using the triple disc head for pretty much all epilation areas, though – I mean, what can I say? I’m just an impatient, hairy girl.