Summer beauty tips – Mookychick

Summer beauty tips - Mookychick

Beauty tips: Get your skin and body ready for summer with our beauty tips to make you toned and summer-ready both inside and out.

It’s summer time! Nearly. With all the joys and fun of summer to look forward to, also comes the worry of the body, wardrobe, etc. Calories, calories, calories. Diet, diet, diet. Shape, shape, shape. Here are some pre-summertime inside and outside beauty tips.

Icky, Icky Hair

Fair play to the girls who like to grow their non-head hair. Amanda Palmer’s cool, and she was happy not to shave her armpits for a bit. For most of us, we want our body hair gone – or at least the stuff on our legs and under our arms. Now, before summer, is the time to do it, so you’re not caught out on a hot day when you want to leave the tights / trousers behind but you’ve got legs as hairy as a woodland faun.

So shave those pits. Get out your epilator and get busy on your legs and bikini line. For epilator virgins, check out our epilating tips.

This one is more for Mookettes. For Mookydukes… Do what you want. You have that social freedom. Some boys like to shave, some utterly despise it. When it comes to body hair, girls are less picky than boys.

Exercise: Tone up before summer

I can hear the groans now. Exercising? Can’t there be any other way? There can, probably, but this really is the way to do it. Exercising doesn’t have to be hours long, with multiple, sweating workouts. It just takes a little at a time. Twenty to thirty minutes at least. Five to ten minutes is still better than none.

Try just walking around your neighborhood at first. Then craftily build up to a jog. Bring along a friend or even just your iPod – as long as it gets you going. You just want to keep your heart rate up and your muscles moving. It might hurt a little the second day… but continue. Fast walking really does help. If you need to, massage your aching pains, take a hot shower, or put a heating pad over the ache. Relax those muscles. In a few days, it will all be better. You’ll be pain free, and might even be more willing to exercise.

Take care of your health to achieve your personal ideal weight (ie. what your body genuinely wants to be, not what you dream of it being)

You might be expecting some sort of complicated diet right now. Eat spinach only! Eat once a day! Live on two hundred calories!

No. I’m not going to do that. You don’t need faddy diets and you don’t need to starve. This will just lay off a few pounds. Maybe even a lot for a few people. Who knows?

The magical secret is… fruits. Vegetables. Ick, you say? Well, just eat a healthy serving of each, each day. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has some truth to it! Eating just one or two fruits a day along with a little salad will help tone you and reduce weight while making sure you’re still eating and filling your body with the good stuff. Of course, upping your fruit and vegetable intake minus the fast food and sodas is even better.

Healthy things like bananas, carrots and celery are very easy to transport in a bag, or to munch on the go while you’re wandering around the house for no apparent reason. You know what they say: green, orange, red and purple are the colours to aim for if you want to pack your body with health.

Treat yourself to pre-summer skin care

Skin care is something you should care about all year round, but it does become more of a priority in your beauty regime as Summer approaches. Try a little hand / face / foot / body lotion every now and then. Maybe even some natural facials, or a DIY kitchen beauty skin peel. It’ll really help with the smoothing of the skin, all ready for that wonderful tan. Be sure to put some sunscreen on, though. Don’t be like my friend who was oblivious to how sensitive her skin was. Long story short, she had a horrible sunburn that lasted for almost a month. It covered her whole arms, legs, and face…

Sort out your summer wardrobe

Summer sings to you with a voice of a siren – and it calls for shopping! All you girls, and some guys, you’ll definitely like this one. Most of you probably still have those sweatshirts and long johns. Off with their heads! er… clothes. Time for shorts, flip flops, clogs and Victorian bathing suits!

Summer make-up

As for summer make-up styles… we at Mooky Towers will continue to apply sooty black eyeliner with a vengeance, but before summer descends upon us like a benign cloud of volcanic ash, you may wish to brush up on your natural beauty makeup tips


Time to shave? Check out our epilating tips, especially useful for epilator virgins

Crave healthy pale skin this summer? Don’t forget your parasol.

After adding fruit and vegetables to her pre-summer regime of absinthe and clove cigarettes, Isadora felt the better for it.

Oh, bless her! Pretty Rihanna goths up a little for summer. Let’s hope she’s wearing organic sunscreen.