Urban Decay makeup

Urban Decay makeup

Urban Decay: We source some of the latest makeup from Urban Decay and come up with some favourite makeup colours, ideas and products.

Urban Decay ‘oil slick’ black goth lipstick

Buy Urban Decay Oil Slick black goth lipstick – £9.60 (usually £12)

This is black goth lipstick with a twist.

Urban Decay have gone back to black with the launch of their Urban Decay Iconic Lipstick, Oil Slick, a gloss black infused with microsparkle. Not your opaque high school goth lip colour, Oil Slick lends a deep sophisticated shine to lips.

Infused with the flavour and scent of crème caramel, the luxuriously creamy formula of Urban Decay’s Iconic Lipstick nourishes your lips with vitamins A, C and E. Hyaluronic spheres stimulate cellular function, prevent dehydration and fill in lines, whilst the deep shade of Oil Slick nods to today’s fashion and Urban Decay’s past.

Not your standard lipstick case, there’s added glamour with an urban twist: Urban Decay Lipstick tubes, made from weighty, purple metal, are pierced with a mini gunmetal dagger. The clear cap is decorated inside and out with two-toned purple flourishes. The effect is multidimensional, and incredibly luxe. Ooh la la.

Urban Decay heavy metal glitter eyeliner – Spandex

Buy Urban Decay glitter eyeliner – £10 (usually £12.50)

Get your glitz on with Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Spandex. This guaranteed glamifier in black accented with rainbow glitter really is a stroke of genius.

Add a thin line of Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Spandex to your upper eyelid or pile it on for a beautiful jewel encrusted lid. Wear this black accented with rainbow glitter liner from Urban Decay on its own, with eyeshadow or with any other Glitter Liners. Works beautifully if you apply it thickly to your upper lid as a base that peeps out from behind black eyeliner.

Directions for Use:

Apply Heavy Metal Glitter Liner using the tip of the brush

Sweep colour with the side of the brush over your upper lid

Allow to dry if applying additional coats


Urban Decay ink for eyes – Empire

Buy Urban Decay ink for eyes – Empire – £11.60 (usually £14.50)

More precise than a pencil, more forgiving than a liquid, Urban Decay Ink For Eyes in Empire is everything a cream liner should be. It allows you to create razor-sharp lines, or smudgy bedroom eyes with more control, play time, and buildable coverage.

Containing Nylon 12, (a unique secret weapon that decreases drag for a flawless application, while softening and absorbing excess oil for stay-true all day colour), Urban Decay Ink For Eyes leaves no room for skips or smears! In a sleek compact adorned with hand drawn peacock art you’ll find the seductive purple hue of Empire.

The gunmetal case is slim enough for even the smallest evening bag and comes with a built in mirror for on-the-go application and a high quality double sided applicator so you don’t have to carry separate tools. Aren’t you just the epitome of chic?

Directions of use:

Sweep the brush along the long narrow pan to allow it to pick up just the right amount of product for a much smoother application.

Urban Decay Loose Eyeshadow Gunmetal

Buy Urban Decay Loose Eyeshadow Gunmetal 1.2g – £4.70

Urban Decay’s Gunmetal is a subtly smoky industrial grey in a charcoal base with iridescent microglitter.

The powdery-fine, silky soft eyeshadows in this range deliver more intense colour than pressed or cream eye shadows. Try a little for a sheer wash of colour, or layer for bold, shimmering hues.

The Loose Pigment formula is actually mineral makeup, made from pearlized powders derived from minerals. No dyes or synthetic pigments are used.

The coolest advantage over other brands’ loose pigments? No messy pots! The Urban Decay spill-proof tube uses a special internal funnel to keep pigment inside until you’re ready to use it. The cap features an ergonomic flared handle and a built-in premium brush. Dip the brush into the colour to apply, or tap out a little colour and use your own brushes.

Urban Decay Nail Polish Twisted

Buy Urban Decay Nail Polish Twisted 10ml – £3.79

Twisted is a speckled gold nail polish by Urban Decay. This isn’t the colour of RnB bling – this is the colour of the satin-draped movie star from Hollywood’s golden era. This lovely shade of old gold looks great on fingers and toes. Wear this and think peacock feathers and feaux-fur stoles. Also awakens any black outfit.

NEW brush: No skimping on luxe or ease of application.

NEW formula: Glossier, shinier, better-looking and better for you.