How can Curlformers be used to get vintage style pin curls?

corkscrew curlformers results

Can Curlformers be used as an alternative to pin curls? We had a big bold bad night in with Curlformers to find out.

Pin curls are the bestest, but you have to sleep in them overnight for the magic to work. How do Curlformers shape up as a sleep-free, heat-free alternative? We gave them the ultimate product test to find out…

Corkscrew Curlformers:

Emily (wavy hair, styled wet)

corkscrew curlformers results

corkscrew curlformers results

(Pic 2: brushed out in preparation for a vintage do)

Spiral Curlformers:

Lea (straight to wavy hair, styled dry with mousse)

spiral curlformers results

spiral curlformers results

Barrel Curlformers:

Charlotte (poker-straight hair, styled wet)

barrel curlformers results

barrel curlformers results

About the Curlformers

They come in a tidy little carry-bag containing plenty of Curlformer sausages (enough to comfortably do a full head of hair). They also come with a magic wand to easily pull your hair through the sausages to get the curl effect.

As an optional accessory you can also get what we’ve fondly called The Pink Flamingo – a contraption you attach to your hairdryer on a low heat to dry off all the curls evenly as they set.

How to use the Curlformers

It’s recommended to moisten your hair first and then towel dry it.

Step 1: Apply the Curlformers

Setting your hair is actually quite easy, and doing it with friends is more fun but you can do it on your own (we checked).

curlformers how to use

Just give the hair a little twiddle before you thread it through the sausage.

First, you assemble the magic wand in one easy click. The wand is good. It is a good wand.

Then you thread a sausage onto the wand, hook a small hank of hair and pull it through the sausage. Easy. Just don’t be greedy and grab too much hair. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough Curlformers to do the job!

Repeat until you’ve got all your curls setting where you want them.

Curlformers using

To be fair, halfway through is a good look

Step 2: Dry your hair

Once you’ve applied all the Curlformers, you need to wait until your hair is fully dry. This is important, or you’ll lose the curl.

curlformers captain fluff

Waiting for curls to set with Captain Fluff

curlformers captain fluff

Captain Fluff pays close attention to RuPaul’s Drag Race…

You can use your hairdryer on a low heat, or just leave the curls to air-set for a few hours and forget about them.

You can also use The Pink Flamingo to speed the process and help your hair dry evenly.

curlformers pink flamingo

BEHOLD! The Pink Flamingo…

Curlformers pink flamingo

… in its full…

curlformers pink flamingo


So… that’s The Pink Flamingo. If you are with friends, leave dignity at the door. If you are watching Netflix, you’ll hear the hairdyer in your ears so turn the sound up.

Step 3: Remove the Curlformers

Once your hair is dry, it’s time to take the Curlformers out!

You just slide off the sausages one by one or ask a friend to do it for you.

curlformers removing

Get a friend to do it

Our Curlformers results

The Spiral curls looked great, but our favourites were the Corkscrew Curlformers. They defined existing curls nicely, and add curls where hair was straight before. Because they’re so tight, you can leave them as they are or brush them out to get a look that’s really close to the Spiral curves – so they have a lot of versatility.

Nothing beats the staying power of sleep-in pin curls, but the Curlformers were a fun alternative that did the trick.

We loved how easily the Corkscrew Curlformers could be worked into a vintage hairstyle!

You can buy Corkscrew, Barrel and Spiral Curlformers (and The Pink Flamingo) from

curlformers vintage hairstyle