Curly Hairstyle tips – easy hair ideas from an alternative hairdresser!

curly hairstyles


Looking for easy curly hair styles? Curly hair looks great with the Twist, a hair style with loose ringlets that gets rid of frizzy hair. Curly hair with no frizz? Hark – ’tis a hirsute miracle.

Curly hair, when not managed well, can be a pain…literally! Trying to comb thick curls can be agony. Your lovely curly hair can get frizzy, feel dry and lack shine. You would straighten it – but it takes hours. And blow-drying with a round brush never looks as good as how they do it in the salon.

So you end up just tying it up, or leaving it to dry naturally. Which can look OK on a good day, but usually it ends up frizzy and dreading itself.

So how do you get those beautiful soft, silky ringlets you see on TV?!

Styling curly hair is easier then you might think. I call this simple style ‘The Twist’ and it’s an easy style that gives you a soft, natural, frizz-free curl. I’m a hairdresser – take it from me, this will work

Curly hair needs the right style product

Mousse is a big no-no. When mousse dries it goes hard and crispy. Yuk.

Go for a Curl Cream instead. Lots of brands do them these days, and they are perfect for achieving a lovely soft natural curl, but still holding down the frizz. My personal favourite band is “Bummble and Bummble”, as they specialise in curly hair products. I also really like the “Curls Rock” range by TIGI, including the Tigi Catwalk Curlesque conditioner. If you can’t afford the good stuff, use a leave-in conditioner from the supermarket, L’Orial is usually a good brand.

Let’s do the Twist… And go like this!

Now you have the right product you need to know what to do with it to style your curly hair.

1. Use a 50p size squirt of the Curl Cream and distribute evenly through clean towel dried hair. Focus on the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Don’t slap it all on the roots or it may end up looking greasy. Use a 20p size squirt if you have fine/thin hair.

2. Once you have applied the Curl Cream, use a comb to take small sections of your hair and twirl each section around your fingers. By twisting each section of hair around your finger you are putting it into a ringlet, and the Curl Cream will help to stick and hold the ringlet together. For bigger curls take bigger sections.

3. Work your way around your head until all your hair has been twisted into ringlets.

Thick curly hair style tip:

If you have thick curly hair you can just leave this to dry naturally for a smooth, frizz-free curl.

Fine curly hair style tip:

If you have finer curly hair or just like more body/volume in your hair, you can diffuse dry with a hair dryer and diffuser…

How to diffuse dry your curly hair

A ‘diffuser’ is one of the extensions you can get for a hair dryer. It’s large and round with little prongs on the inside of it. Here’s what you do with it…

1. To diffuse dry your hair attach the diffuser to the end of your hair dryer.

2. Tilt your head so your hair is hanging away from your head. (You can do this by hanging your head upside down or to the side, whatever is more comfortable for you.) This helps the air to circulate and adds more volume.

3. Set the hair dryer to a high heat but a low speed. (A fast speed will fluff up the hair too much and give you the poodle look, probably not what you want!)

4. Scoop up the ringlets inside the diffuser head, so that they scrunch up and curl around the little prongs on the inside of the diffuser.

5. Hold the diffuser a few inches away from your head with the hair scrunched up inside the head of it, and hold it for about 10 sec before moving onto the next area. Continue this until the hair it about 60%-70% dry and they leave the rest to dry naturally. If you dry it off totally you will find your hair becomes frizzy.

Once you have finished flip your head up the right way and give it a little shake, and VoilĂ ! Perfect, frizz-free curls!

General tips for curly hair styles

1. Only comb/brush your hair in the shower with plenty of conditioner on it. This will get out the knots with out ripping your hair!

2. Get your hands on a silk pillow case to stop your curly hair from getting knotted overnight.

3. A little hairspray can help add extra hold to your hair if you find it tends to get very frizzy.

4. Don’t run your fingers through your hair. You will just be pulling out all your hard work and your beautiful curls. If you must play with your hair only twist it around your fingers!

5. If you want the curl to look a bit more loose and messy, just flip your hair up side down and shake until the ringlets loosen to your satisfaction.

Curly hair styles - The Twist