Ghostly Zombie Halloween Hairstyle Tutorial

ghostly zombie halloween hairstyle tutorial

Experiment with monstrous yet artful Halloween hairstyles including Gothic hair and Zombie hair.

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with experimental, exaggerated and unruly hair courtesy of OSiS, your fancy dress essential to get the heart racing. Delivering endless style possibilities, OSiS Ambassador Adrian Allen gives a step-by-step guide on how to achieve big and backcombed or sleek and gothic with this creative range.

Ghostly Zombie Halloween hairstyle

OSiS Halloween hair

“To achieve a ghostly zombie look, first work OSiS Grip (£9.20) styling mousse into damp hair and with a dryer blast hair upwards away from your head adding volume and lift.

Once hair is dry, apply OSiS Gelastic (£10.50) flex gel and start to tong the roots of random sections but straightening the ends with straightening irons.

Once you’re happy, brush the hair vigorously to break up the curly roots.

Gently shake OSiS Dust It (£11.70) texturising powder into the hair and work your fingers into the roots creating a back combed look.