How to give straight hair texture

How to give straight hair texture

If you have straight hair the chances are it will have a glassy or glossy feel to it. This makes it difficult to get a good textured result so it is important that you prepare the hair from wet to dry.

First, cleanse the hair with BC Volume Boost Shampoo and Conditioner to add some bulk to the hair. Then apply a good 1-2 golf ball sized amounts of OSiS Hold Miracle styling foam to your wet hair. It may seem like a lot of product… but it will just disappear into the hair.

Next, dry your hair with your head down, moving from one side and the other, drying it with the hairdryer whilst using a grabbing motion with your hands rather than a typical scrunching motion. Occasionally poke your finger in at the root and ‘twiddle’ the hair around your finger.

You will feel as the hair dries that the Hold Miracle starts to make the hair feel velvety. The glassy, glossy look will go but the hair should still have a sheen. Once the hair is completely dry I like to blast in some OSiS Glamour Queen hairspray with a cold dryer to add even more surface texture to the hair.

For a more mattified finish, work in a small amount of Mess Up through the mid length and ends. You will notice how little you’ll need to use to get a great texture due to the fact that the Mess Up can actually adhere to the Hold Miracle and Glamour Queen.

If you are off on a night out, just put your head under the hand dryer in the ladies to give your hair its va-va-voom back.

You’ll look like a totally different person!

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