Tips for curly hair: how to make curls stay in

curly hair

If you’ve got straight hair and want to curl it, or if you’ve got curly hair and want it to look ‘curly on purpose’, preparation is key. How to use the OSiS hair range to make curls last longer – in fact, stay all day.

Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador Adrian Allen at Adrian Allen Addicted has provided some hits and tips to help make those curls stay in, girl.

If your hair is naturally curly you have to keep it moist whilst styling it.

My favourite recipe for moist curls is OSiS Buff (RRP £11.70) to prime the hair and add moisture. Buff has hydrolised castor oil in it, which is an amazing moisturiser that doesn’t weigh the hair down.

Once you’ve primed your curly hair by moistening it, follow up with OSiS Curl Me Soft (RRP £10.50) if your hair curls easily or OSiS Twin Curl if it needs encouragement.

Remember: The wetter your hair is before you apply the product, the better the curl result!

This will ensure that your curls last longer and stay fresh and bouncy all day or night.

Hairdresser’s tip: Keep some Buff in your bag in an empty eyeshadow pot or sample pot. When you feel that your hair is fluffing or drying out, rub a small amount into your hands and pat into your hair to keep it moisturised.

How to make curls last longer when using tongs/irons

If you are going to tong set or use your irons to curl your hair, preparation is key to a firm result.

Apply some OSiS Body Me mixed with a small amount of Gelastic (RRP £10.50) before you begin. This will give the hair great shine and a resilient rubberised feel.

Dry the hair away from the roots to encourage lift and volume, just use your hands but keep the hair moving around. Once the hair is completely dry brush the hair through.

Hairdresser’s tip: When you think your hair is dry, leave it a minute then feel it again – 9 times out of 10 when you do this you will find the hair is still damp, and for a heat formed curl totally dry hair is a must.

If the hair is fine I like to spray Glamour Queen (RRP £9.20) into the hair, making sure that it gets into the hair cut not just on the surface. If it’s normal to thick then I would use Elastic (RRP £8.80). Give the hair a good brush again before you start to curl the hair.

If you are tonging the hair or using irons to curl it, as you form a curl secure it with a soft clip once the head is complete and lightly spray over the hair with the spray used before you began.

If you are using heated rollers or any other rollers spray the hair in exactly the same way once the rollers are in.

Hairdresser’s tip: If you find that your curls are too firm then just blast the hair with your dryer and arrange into your style.

Products can be purchased from Adrian Allen Addicted Hair.