How to tame wild and curly hair

How to tame wild and curly hair

Some days your hair is just uncontrollable, and either lifeless or flyaway. Sera points out five tried and trusted methods for hiding the bad hair until it behaves itself again.

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. There are days when I stumble out of bed and my hair behaves itself impeccably. It dries perfectly and does exactly what I want and remains the same all day with no hassle.

Unfortunately there are also days when I end up frustrated and disillusioned with my hair. It refuses to co-operate and develops a will of its own; either being lank and lifeless or frizzy and flyaway. As a result I inwardly seethe all day and debate shaving my head…

However, there are ways to solve those horrible bad-hair days and relegate them to distant memories.

Hide a bad hair day with pigtails

My personal favourite method of surviving bad hair is to plait your hair into pigtails. It’s quick and easy and it looks super-cute (to go for a really Lolita-esque look tie a ribbon round each plait). The added bonus here is that if you don’t normally wear your hair in pigtails then people will comment all day on your fabulous new ‘do!

Tame your bed head

Instead of trying to attempt a glam look with the hair from hell, do the opposite and make the bad hair a fashion statement all of its own. Be inspired by the likes of Courtney Love and Brodie Dale. Spike sections up by applying some mousse, gel or hairspray, tie half up and leave half down. Basically the aim here is to go flat-out for the messiest, craziest, most bed-head style possible. The messier, the better!

Alternatively, use hair products to make your bed head a hair style not a hair fail. To this end you can even get Tigi Bed Head hair products – the range is named Bed Head because if a bed head is the effect you’re going for, these bad boys will get the job done!

Glam up your hair with harajuku hair clips

Another way is to glam your hair up with some cute hair accessories. Even if it is just one or two hair clips, it will control your hair somewhat. The hair accessories will look good and detract from your hair. If you want a more exciting hair-accessory style you could always opt for some Harajuku-influenced craziness and place the hair clips randomly throughout your hair. (The Fruits books and Japanese fashion magazines are fabulous for hairstyle inspiration).

Sleek ponytail chic

A simple option for a hairstyle if you’re having a bad hair day is to scrape your hair back into a ponytail. It gets your hair out of your face, and a ponytail always looks glam. If your hair is really misbehaving run some mousse through your hair before you tie it back or secure rebellious hair with hair grips. You can always add a hair band to make it more glitzy too.

Hats never go out of fashion

As a last resort, if all else fails and you can’t bear to leave the house with the enormous fright wig your hair has become, wear a hat. There are so many different styles of hats, from beanies to giant wedding-style hats. You can always claim it’s summer-festival fashion chic or that you’re trying to avoid sunstroke if anyone quizzes you.

Hopefully this will help you to banish those bad hair days forever. Just remember – everyone has them.

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