Is Short Hair Attractive On Women? HELLZ YEAH

Is Short Hair Attractive On Women? HELLZ YEAH

The idea that short hair isn’t attractive on women is just a MYTH. If you want short hair, have it! Mooky forum members share their opinions & experiences.

The subject of short hair on women came up on the Mookychick forum, and everyone was heartily sick of the number of times they’ve heard that short hair just isn’t sexy on women. LIES. Wear your hair how you want, for reasons that make you happy. If you’re considering a short hairstyle but are afraid of what people might think, don’t feel alone – listen to the opinions and experiences of other people who’ve been there.


Pictured: Alannah (photo: Reva May)

Alannah: “I love my short hair, because there is no distraction of long hair for me to hide behind. My facial features, some of which have been criticised or harshly critiqued as a model, are right out in the open and in-your-face. In this sense, it has given me that boost of confidence I so desperately longed for. Now, I know I can’t hide, and my shields are down, so I walk with pride, accepting who I am, and embracing it. My nose isn’t “agency standard”? Tough nuggets, because I’m going to flaunt it proudly, and your opinion is invalid. I find short hair is a great way to get in tune with yourself. You start seeing your facial features at face value (no pun intended), and learn to live with them, to start to really love the way they look.”


Pictured: Thanh

Thanh: “I got out of a divorce and needed a fresh start, but kept my hair long for a while because I wanted to grow it out to donate to Locks of Love – this had sort of been a goal on my bucket list. My ex never liked short hair and always asked me to keep it long. I loved to experiment with different styles but could not do so without experiencing resistance. My current boyfriend, however, absolutely loves my short hair! I love it because it’s different and fun and so easy to take care of. I feel like a brand new person with a spunky attitude :)”

short hair on women

“For the record, I love short hair on girls. I absolutely adore it. Nearly all the women in my family rock a crop. However, whenever I’ve talked to my peers about girls having short hair they have been almost insulted by the idea that I find it attractive. All of my ex-boyfriends have spent time trying to talk me out of cutting my hair short again, and have idolized girls with long flowing locks. Long hair is beautiful. But so is short hair. I just don’t get why the majority of people seem to find women with short hair unattractive, or ‘unsexy’.”

“I think it’s strange that people are still in the mindset of ‘girls have long hair, boys have short hair’. It might be to do with advertising for hair products – women in shampoo and dye ads always have very long, thick, silky hair and if that is the type of hair that’s being portrayed as the ideal, people will expect others to match up to it, or at least want to.”

short hair on women

Pictured: Meg from Sew Liberated

“Short hair is hot as hell. I don’t know why people insist on making this ridiculously general statement, that’s like saying ‘all short people are dumpy’ or ‘freckles can never look good’ (and as a short, freckly person who has heard both many times… well, you get my point).”

“I think the cultural preference for long hair in ladies is so culturally ingrained that it’s automatically gets tied to the image of femininity. People do expect others to want to look their best, so I think a lot of people have a hard time understanding why someone wouldn’t want to work toward this ‘ideal’. My dad flat out refused to let me shave my head when I was younger. So my mom and I cut it down to an inch. AND I LOVED IT.”

short hair on women

Miley Cyrus cut her hair in 2012; the world freaked out. Cheer up, world. It really wasn’t a direct attack on you!

“I LOVE having short hair (even if I am trying to grow it out just now but that’s my fickleness). I think girls look hot as hell if they suit really short hair.”

“When I had really short hair I got waaaay more compliments than I do now that it’s a bit longer. Short hair can look tomboyish OR feminine, depending on how you style it and what you wear. People who think short hair isn’t sexy can hop right off.”

“Tumblr changed how I felt about my short hair. It seemed that to be interesting and beautiful, you had to have long hair. To be honest, I miss my short hair. As much as anything, I miss going to the hairdresser and the whole ritual of having a hair cut. Also, doing my henna is much harder now.”

“It’s unconscious gender prejudice/stereotyping. It’s another one of those ridiculous conventions, much like boys=blue and girls=pink,whose origins are unclear and illogical.”

short hair on women

“I get a lot of compliments on my hair. They range from “I wish I had the confidence to cut my hair off” to “It looks great however it falls and however you wear it” and “Who does your hair, because I need to ask them to do exactly what they did to you”. I don’t think I’ll ever grow my hair out again, this feels very “me”, and I think I’m keeping it!”

“I literally get compliments on my hair every day. Short hair is awesome. Long hair is awesome. I don’t like the “no-one likes X” things, because there’s always going to be someone out there who likes it!”

“I don’t see how anyone can say anything isn’t sexy these days when everything can be sexualised. It just depends how you wear it/describe it/whatever. A culture that has made sparkly vampires and even rotting zombiefied corpses into teen crush icons and that can produce ‘sexy’ versions of pretty much anything can’t really pick on any one person’s tastes.”

“I’ve just cut my hair into a short bob, shorter than I’ve had it in a long time, and I personally love it. The fact that my parents, friends and male shaped beings in my life like it as well is just a bonus. It takes nowhere near as long to brush, wash, dry etc… taking an hour to fix my hair in the morning just ISN’T sexy. Waking up in the morning, ruffling hair back into shape and being fit for public viewing without fear that someone would guess (or assume) what I’d been up to last night? Hell yeah, I think that’s hot. But, for that matter, why should our hair have to be sexy if that’s not what we want do with it? It’s a bonus that people like my current hairstyle. I wanted it shorter, so that’s what I did.”

short hair on women

“As a girl with short hair, the number of times I have been told that “short hair isn’t sexy” is ridiculous. When I first had it cut (although it wasn’t that long to start with), only a couple of friends said it suited me, but I received a lot of compliments from strangers and family friends. My boyfriend, who’s only known me with short hair, said he’s never been attracted to a girl with short hair before, but when he met me he had to think twice.”

“The idea that short hair isn’t sexy is so general it completely baffles me. Some look absolutely fantastic with short hair. Different lengths of hair look better in different colours. Different lengths of hair look better with different face shapes. It can depend on your weight, how you dress, whatever. There are so many variables that affect how your hair looks that you can’t just say all short hair is unsexy, it’s ridiculous.”

“Generally speaking, I like short hair on girls and long hair on menfolk. Take that, patriarchy!”

“I’ve never had anyone tell me short hair isn’t sexy to my face. Maybe I’m too much of a badass.”

short hair on women

Pictured: Jane Bradley, editor of For Books’ Sake. Photo: Emma Grayson.

“When I first went natural I chopped off most of my hair. I only had an inch and a half of hair left and I got nasty looks, negative comments, and people pointing at me all of the time. When it grew around chin length, people backed off. I like all hair lengths including short and even bald hair. Variety is a great thing and I do agree many people think long hair = feminine. I’ve heard it said so many times. It’s tiring, but it’s what we’re taught.”

“Short hair looks edgier because ninety-nine times out of one hundred it has been cut that way because of an active decision. Long hair can also be an active decision, but it’s also what happens if you don’t make a decision to do anything with it. It’s easier to see a girl’s personality through shorter hair than it is long hair. It doesn’t work the same way with boys as it’s ‘expected’ that they have shorter hair and it’s the boys who let their hair grow who are the edgier ones.”

“What annoys me most about rubbish like “girls must have long hair to be sexy” is that it stems from the assumption that your greatest goal in life must be to be physically attractive. It is not my job to be a decorative element. I didn’t go to the hairdresser the other day to make myself look prettier, I went to make myself look like a cool badger.”

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