Quiff hairstyle tips

Quiff hairstyle tips

This quiff video tutorial will show you how to style your hair into both a low quiff for everyday quiffage – and a high psychobilly quiff for a night of serious dancing and prancing.

What you need to make a quiff hair style

  • (Rat) Tail Comb
  • Hairspray
  • (Bobby Pins) Kirby Grips
  • A Crocodile Clip
  • A Mirror

Quiff hairstyle 1 – Short and sweet rockabilly quiff

This quiff is quick and easy to do, and perfect for any occasion.

Brush your hair back along the top. Guide – quiff from where eyebrows are. Take your finger from the brows then draw them back in a V across the top of the head to select the hair that will form the base of your quiff. Smooth it. Use your fingers at the back to pinch it on your head then push it forward. Get two kirby grips and criss-cross them in front of your fingers to keep your quiff in place. Once you’ve got the quiff in place, put in about 4 or 5 grips in total to keep it secure. Add spray and make sure your quiff is smooth, with no flyaways. You can style the rest of your hair as preferred, but a high ponytail works well for real structure to the hairstyle.

Quiff hairstyle 2 – High, loud and proud psychobilly quiff

This psychobilly quiff is the same as the one above, but using more hair and backcombing for extra height.

Start with nice, smoothly brushed hair. Once more, use your fingers to grab your V of hair, but start with your fingers wider apart and go back a little further so you have more hair for the quiff. Take a small section of the back of the V and backcomb it with the tail comb, then give it a spray. Your backcombed hair should stand up for a good couple of inches without your hands supporting it. Now grab the next section of the back of your V, twisting the smooth front section of your hair out of the way. Backcomb and spray this second section as you did the first. Guess what? Grab another section and repeat. Repeat as many times as necessary until you only have about an inch of smooth, unspray, un-backcombed hair at the front. Hold this section straight up and backcomb the roots a tiny bit to give it some strength. Spray, and place it gently over the top of your backcomb sections, letting them act as a high support. Comb your top last section over the backcombing very, very gently. Gather everything in the back, pinch, push forward. Make sure you’ve got the shape. Spray to hold. Now use the thin metal rod of your tailcomb – slide it into your backcombing and tease the insides into place to get any funny lumpy shapes out of your do. Style the remainder of your hair as desired.

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Rockabilly quiff

Psychobilly quiff