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1920s makeup
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This easy 1920s makeup tutorial will help you get the 1920s makeup look and embrace the flapper within. These makeup tips include eyes, lips and cheeks. Don your pearls and frivolities.

Here’s my video tutorial for a 1920s ‘flapper’ make-up look. I’m not entirely sure about this look. The theatrical part of me adores it and it’s a lot of fun to apply, but 1920s makeup is not necessarily flattering and it’s definitely not for everyone. The thing to remember with the 20s make-up is that it is used to alter your face dramatically to the point of distorting it. It’s perfect for fancy dress parties though! Or if you’re just feeling a bit mookish. Enjoy!

1920s makeup – Eyes

Apply dark gold creme eyeshadow on your eyelid using a brush or your fingertips.

Take care not to go over the browbone, but sweep it slightly down the side of the nose.

Using a soft and round brush apply gold powder eyeshadow in a darker shade to the crease of the eye.

Sweep down the side of the nose and blend with a clean brush.

Using a smaller brush apply purple (almost black) eyeshadow to the corner of the eyelid, and blend with a clean brush.

Using your fingertips apply golden pink eyeshadow to the middle of the eyelid close to the lashline.

Apply beige or metallic white eyeshadow underneath the eyebrow and blend in.

Using a firm and thin brush, apply dark gold eyeshadow under the eyes. Then blend in dark purple or black eyeshadow in the lashline with an eyeliner brush.

Apply liquid eyeliner to the top lashline.

Attach false lashes for a more dramatic look (optional). Individual false lashes were used in this makeup video.

Apply an ample amount of mascara, always starting from the base. Rub the mascara wand from side to side and brush outwards.

Apply black eyeliner pencil to the upper and lower inner eye area. Smudge pencil gently into the lashes.

Brush eyebrows with clear mascara and then fill in with a dark brown brow pencil.

1920s makeup – Lips

Apply concealer on your lips to cover up the natural lip line.

With a dark red lip pencil draw the signature Clara Bow shaped lip (she was a 1920s icon, and that shape is what they call a cupid’s bow) and fill in with a dark brown lipstick.

1920s makeup – Face

Smudge a very small amount of the same lipstick on your cheeks and blend in a circle on the top of your cheekbones.

Using your liquid eyeliner make a small beauty mark on your cheek (optional).

Your 1920s flapper make-up is now in place (and unlikely to come off again in a hurry. Girl, you’ve trowelled it on. Bravo!). It’s time to brush up on your 1920s slang, don your 1920s attire and slip off into the night that awaits…

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In this last pic, one of our beautiful Mook readers took it upon themselves to follow this makeup tutorial through and see what happened. And don’t they look heavenly!

Main photo: 1920s icon Clara Bow, Argentinean Magazine

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