3D Nail Art Ideas

3D Nail Art Ideas
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How to nail it, crazy 3D style. Nail art ideas that think beyond canvas into the realms of sculpture.

Tired of the same old boring nail styles and want something fun and quirky to do? Well, look no further. Thanks to Japanese culture I’ve managed to find some rather interesting 3D nail art that will definitely make those finger tips stand out. This crazy 3D nail obsession started out in Japan alongside the Harajuku and Ganguro fashion revolution, and since then has become popular with girls from all around the globe.

3D nail art ideas

My first nail art design has to be, of course, this super kawaii candy design from Yukiumi.com. I mean food, fashion and art combined in a pair of nails? It’s candy heaven. Who couldn’t love this idea? I give this nail idea a rating of 6/10!

3D nail art ideas

Lovers of simplicity may enjoy this manicure featuring the queen of all cats, Hello Kitty. It’s classy and elegant, so these nails can be worn every day. The only 3D item would be the super cute pink bow, just like the one Hello Kitty rocks out. Scroll down to see a video tutorial showing you how to achieve 3D Hello Kitty nail art very much like this. My rating on this elegant manicure is 9/10.

3D nail art ideas

Barbie would kill to get her plastic hands on a pair of nails like this. Pink, glittery and decorated in silver gems, they would be fit for a hime gyaru – although I don’t think Kate Middleton would be snapped up wearing these anytime soon. So if you’re the queen of pink, these beautiful nails would work perfectly alongside your crown. I wonder how much super glue was used in the creation of this art?

There are plenty of ideas available on normal search engine like Google, of course, but if you find yourself converted to the idea of crazy 3D nails then you need to head over to YouTube! With hundreds of 3D nail art video tutorials and how-to guides, you’ll soon become immersed in the complexities and variations of this nail trend.

Just a taster of the 3D nail art video tutorials on YouTube…

First up, this super cute tutorial shows you how to create a simple elegant Hello Kitty manicure similar to the one above. Thank you to Kawaiinails for her help!

Going a level up, this video demonstrates how to get the ultimate super kawaii nails any nail-obsessed guru must know! 3TanjaJ3 shows us how to really make use of those bits and bobs we always find around the house.

3D nail art ideas3D nail art ideas

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