Gothic makeup tips for beginners

gothic eye makeup tips

You may be heading for alternative make-up because there aren’t really any style icons out there to copy, because you want to be creative. Maybe you want to go for a full-blown goth make-up look.

If so, here are some general tips to help you look good when looking good most matters: when other people see you.

Practise applying make-up a lot!

Practise a lot. Your eyeliner strokes will become finer and more controlled the more practice you have.

That means you should do a bit of make-up application at home, when you’re not going out, so you get the hang of the look you want to achieve when you do head out of the front door and into the night.

Don’t test make-up you’ve never used before on special occasions

Especially around the time of a period, when you feel mooky and buy something to take that feeling away, you may find yourself exploring new products for the hell of it. Don’t use a new product you’ve never tested on a big night. Try new products at home, on non-special occasions. That way you’ll know in advance if you get a reaction to it or aren’t yet skilled in applying it. Whatever you do, don’t use a home-based downstairs-hair-removal kit before a big date. Ever.

Apply and blend make-up with a sponge

Use a sponge to blend make-up, not your hands. You’ll get a better look and won’t be smearing whatever your hands have been touching that day all over your face. Sponges aren’t that expensive, so wash them now and then to get the oils out, and don’t skimp: it’s okay to replace them. Also, if you’re blending, you don’t want traces of week-old peacock blue on what was meant to be alabaster-white or rose-fresh skin.

If you want a dark goth look use only the best goth lipstick

Experimental lipsticks might not suit you as a colour. If you don’t care, because you’re going for expression not taste, excellent. If you do care, bear in mind that many black and subculture-colour lipsticks often use weird and cheap ingredients which might affect the skin of your lips so they don’t look the same an hour later as they did in front of the mirror.