Mermaid Makeup Video Tutorial

mermaid makeup tutorial

Mermaid makeup video tutorial – apply metallic eyeshadows to transform into an aqua faerie.

Aqua fairy makeup used:

  • Claire’s blue powder
  • NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in Olive and Green
  • Aromaleigh ROCKS! Sonic Eyeshadow in Purple Rain
  • CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Disco Ball
  • Eyelash Glue
  • Rhinestones
  • Gold Cream Base

First, use a base on your eye. This is a neutral powder that allows the coloured eyeshadow to sit – and stay. A neutral cream eyeshadow will do the job perfectly.

Then take a strong blue eyeshadow and use a brush to apply it all over your lid, just past the crease. Be generous with the blue!

Then use a finger to blend the edges. If you’ve used a creamy base, this will be easy.

Since this is a heavy, dramatic makeup look for your eyes, you’re going to want to line underneath your eyes as well. Start at the outer corner and use a brush to line under your eye with the blue eyeshadow, halfway along your eye. Blend the rest of the way as far as desired with your finger.

Now, take a strong green eyeliner and apply it with a brush from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelid. Do this both above and under the eye. Then blend, blend, blend!

Makeup tips: Clean your brush on a baby wipe. No-one can afford a brush for every eyeshadow, so keep them clean!

Now you need a little contrast for the blue and green eyeshadows, so take some metallic olive eyeshadow, squeeze your eye shut and dab it around the inner corner of the eye only, both above and below the eye. Oh – and blend.

Okay, now you’ve added a light colour (olive) to your inner eye to make your eyes look bigger. What’s needed next is a darker colour just on the outer eyelid – Hayley Jane has used purple.

By now you will have noticed that although your eyes are looking gorgeous, there is a little naked strip of skin between your blended eyeshadow and your brow. Fill this with a metallic eyeshadow highlighter – something silvery or grey-silver would be perfect. Use your brush to apply, then blend with a finger. You may wish to also add a little silver metallic eyeshadow under your eyes to increase drama.

Now you need to add some focus to the eyes themselves so they don’t get lost in your aqua fae makeup. Apply eyeliner in a cat’s eye across the edge of the top lid.

Would you like to add some glitter? It helps if you dab on a little lotion with a finger to the eye areas you plan to apply glitter to – this will help keep it in place. You don’t need to smear the glitter all over – just dab it in the outer corner of your eyes, up and out towards your temples and outer brow area.

To finish, you can dab a little glue (the kind you get when you buy a false eyelashes kit) under your eyes to apply fake gemstones if you have any.

Lastly, mascara. Or false eyelashes.

And there you have it. You’re an aqua fae. But you knew that already.