Bright coloured eyeliner

Bright coloured eyeliner

A bright colour eyeliner is a playful addition to your makeup box that accentuates your eyes and allows for a bit of creative expression. Mookychick readers give some of their tips for applying bright eyeliner without mess or fuss…

Indie, goth, emo and electro girls take note: Defining your eyes with bright coloured eyeliner (liquid or pencil) will enhance your eyes and draw attention to your frankly quite bizarre and possibly fractured personality. Brilliant!

Colour eyeliner, even when worn alone, makes a statement. It states to the world that you are a great big beautiful peacock-girl and may possibly know Noel Fielding from the Mighty Boosh. Ace!

Oh, and bright eyeliner also the perfect quick-fix when you need to shift the accent from your lips to your eyes, or get ready for a night of dancing and frivolity. Huzzah!

Obviously, with something as stand-out as coloured eyeliner, you want your makeup application to be spot-on, as it will be the first thing that people notice about you. So here are some general tips on applying bright eyliner – including tips from Mookychicks on the messageboard.

Tips for applying coloured bright eyeliner

  • Using liquid colour eyeliner? Sometimes it helps to wave the wand in the air a bit to dry it out. Or to put a bit of the liquid on your hand and work from that so the liquid doesn’t clump too much. Apply the liquid eyeliner in small fine strokes, not all at once. And don’t do the inner corners (where your eyes meet your nose) until the end, when the liquid eyeliner on your brush has almost run out, because then it’ll be easier to apply!
  • A line of black on the bottom lid, a line of coloured eyeliner on the top lid – very Lilly Allen ( FreudianSlip )
  • Use black eyeliner as you normally do, then add a single dot or two of colour eyeliner at the outermost corner of the eye, like an exotic indian dancer. ( Magda )
  • Try putting colour eyeliner on the outermost corner of your eyes for an effective but subtle effect instead of putting it all the way round. Draw a line as fine as you can on the top lid starting from the inner corner, then gradually make it thicker as you go along. Finish off with a tiny bit of coloured eyeliner just below your lash line on your lower lid in the corner. ( HarleyQuinn )
  • Put a very fine line of black around your eye then put a line of coloured eyeliner around that. But this really only works if you’ve had a lot of pratice with eyeliner – try practising at home on a day when you’ve got some spare time and don’t need to make an impression on the world. ( AWOL )
  • Try normal, around-the-eye black eyeliner, but at the corners of your eye (the ones furthest from your nose, the other ones) extend the black eyeliner past your eye a bit. Like Amy Winehouse, but not so much. At the top of where you went past the eye, line your black eyeliner with colour eyeliner – blue, green, orange, pink are all good. ( Caytie )
  • Dots and lines and stars and any designs around your eye are nifty, too. ( Caytie )
  • Line the inner edge of your bottom eyelid with white eyliner. As well as creating a surreal 60s psychedelic effect this makes your eyes look bigger as it accentuates the whites of your eyes…
  • Instead of eyeshadow, try using smudgy bright eyeliner. Apply it in a thick line all around the eye and smudge it with your finger for a messy effect.
  • Apply bright eyeliner on the inner corner of eye, and smudge a bunch of it on the upper lid like an eyeshadow. Use a well-sharpened black eyeliner to very thinly line along upper lashes and outer corner of lower lash line. Carefully smudge a little so there isn’t a harsh transition into the bright liner. If needed, re-apply and re-smudge the bright eyeliner on the upper lid like an eyeshadow.

Try: blue eyeliner with green eyeshadow, then blue mascara and green glitter under the eye

Try: a thin line of gold around the eye, followed by a different shade of eyshadow surrounding it (try white, grey, pink or green)

Coloured eyeliner online:

Make up tips on the messageboard

If you’ve got any tips or photos for applying bright eyeliner, share them on the messageboard

Electro girls – accentuate makeup with dots and splashes in coloured eyeliner

Match your bright eyeliner to your eyeshadow for a striking look that doesn’t fade

Electro style: mix stripes of coloured eyeliner with bright eyeshadow

Glitter eyeliner is your best friend – so easy to apply and always looks good!

Ring your whole eye with coloured eyeliner pencil

Contrast lower and upper lids with different colour eyeliners

Rim your inner lids with bright eyeliner pencil if you dare

Dark skins adore bright colours. Old gold glitter wins every time!