Electro makeup tutorial – it’s good to experiment

electro makeup tutorial


Electro makeup tutorial: As the nights grow darker and the pumpkins and bonfires come out to play, wear bright makeup and dance gaily amid the neon lights. You might even get a dance with Mister Jack O’Lantern. Or Noel Fielding.

1. Moisturise the face, especially if you have dry skin.

2. Apply a creamy-based foundation. I use Foundations by Clinique Supermoisture Makeup (Dry to Combination Skin) because I get free samples. If you scout around on the internet, you probably can too. If your skin is dry or has dry areas, rub the foundation in as gently as you can.

3. Apply concealer over the top – again, if you have dry skin, rub it in gently.

4. If you have shaved eyebrows then apply concealer over where your eyebrows are – especially if you can see little bits of eyebrow growing back! Then draw your eyebrows in how you like them with either black or coloured pencil eyeliner.

5. Apply eyeshadow to your eyelids. It’s more fun to use your fingers but you can use a brush if you prefer.

6. Rub your fingers or brush into random colours of eyeliner then smudge them on your face in strong dramatic lines. A little bit electro, a little bit Native American Squaw From The Future.

7. Apply liquid eyeliner to the bottom of your eyelids. Everyone always applies their eyeliner to the top of their eyelids but why not break the rules and accentuate the bottom instead?

8. Choose a random lipstick and apply it to your lips. The pink glittery lipstick by Barry M is amazing!

10. And… you’re done. Now go light a bonfire! And save the last dance for Mister Jack!

Electro makeup tips - makeup tutorialElectro makeup tips - makeup tutorialElectro makeup tips - makeup tutorialElectro makeup tips - makeup tutorialElectro makeup tips - makeup tutorial