Electro eye makeup tips for eyes

Electro eye makeup tips for eyes

Striking eye makeup helps define the electroclash look. Courntey Brand takes you step by step through an electroclash eye makeup tutorial – now you, too, can look like a sultry nu school jazz harlequin…

There’s a girl who proudly holds the gaze of every person she encounters, daring them to approach her and the neon lightning bolts she has drawn on one cheek. Her look – bright eyeshadow combined with electrifying lipstick – commands the attention of every room she graces her presence with. As she stalks the streets, people whisper and wonder about the identity behind the multi-coloured mask. Who is she is and where did she get such confidence from?

It may sound like a drug-induced dream world with imaginary but oh-so-rad women. However, this is no fantasy. This is a world induced not by psychoactive drugs but by electro style makeup. Heavy in application and worn by girls with attitude, electroclash makeup boasts bright, intense colours. It’s for girls who know how to shine.

In my opinion, eyes are what really help make the electroclash look what it is. Electroclash music artists tend to have intense eyes. If they don’t have bright shadow on their lids, they have black smudgy eyeliner around their entrancing orbs.

How to get intense eye shadow and eyeliner:

Grab your favourite colour. When it comes to bright eyeliner I am partial to bright pinks and blues, but who says you can’t wear bitchin’ purple? Or orange?

Look out for retina-burning shades. If they look pretty dull in the packaging, they come out dull. HIP by L’Oreal is a reliable brand.

If you’re going ritzy and hitting your favourite makeup store, ask for high pigments that won’t fade easily.

Electroclash makeup for eyes:

1. You want a base for your eyeshadow. It helps the colour stay longer through the day, because you don’t want to have to reapply every two seconds. I use anything I feel like grabbing: gold eye cream, blue/pink/red/purple liquid eye colour (it helps to get a matching colour base with the shadow for super bright eyes), and even foundation. I’ve used a sheer blue base on one eye and a golden liquid eye colour on the other.

2. Grab a brush and bathe your eyelid in any glorious colour of your choice. I chose blue and pink. Try to get an even coat on each lid. If you mess up, wet a tissue or Q-tip and try to tame the smudges. Lazy? Leave ’em there! Smudges give off a nonchalant rock chick vibe.

3. You can add colour to the browbone area, but I only did this on the pink. I mixed some of my pink with a white eyeshadow, tapped off the excess and lightly brushed it on.

4. Do whatever you want with your eyeliner: line it black, add some killer cat eyes, whatever you please. I used blue eyeliner under my pink-coloured eye and pink under my blue-coloured eye.

Don’t have the right colour eyeliner? My pink ‘eyeliner’ is actually my pink eyeshadow applied with a wet brush! A smart/poor girl is always resourceful.

5. Apply mascara, if you want. For nice-looking lashes, wipe off the wand slightly on a piece of tissue paper and curl the eyelashes upwards. To apply the mascara, I start at the base of my lashes and slowly wiggle my brush upwards. Then I do one more coat before moving onto the next eye.

Electroclash makeup for lips:

1. Put some powder or foundation on your lips. It helps the colour last longer and stay in place. I just used some plain powder lying around.

2. Choose a sumptuously coloured lipstick. I chose pink, but reds, oranges, and purples tend to walk the talk on lips too. For full electroclash you might want to consider colours that have nothing to do with natural tones, like neon yellow, silver, white, green or blue. I start with my bottom lip first, dragging the lipstick once or twice across it. Then I smoosh my lips together and get it on the top lip, applying more lipstick on the top as I see fit.

3. Want to add to it? I took a darker pink lipgloss and applied it to my puckers.

The finished product: Electroclash eyes that stay in place longer than five minutes, and vibrant lips. C’est la Boosh!

CAUTION: Applying such makeup may cause people to drop down on their knees and worship you in the middle of the street. As such, you may want to learn how to apply first aid via a registered and approved course. It’s not their fault. They’re just another victim of electroclash. The fault lies with you, you wilful minx. Be warned…

Coloured eyeliner online:

electroclash makeup tips for eyeselectroclash makeup tips for eyes

Blue eyeshadow was added to the eye with a blue base and pink eyeshadow was added to the eye with a gold base

electroclash makeup tips for eyeselectroclash makeup tips for eyeselectroclash makeup tips for eyeselectroclash makeup tips for eyeselectroclash makeup tips for eyes