Glitter Lips Makeup Tutorial – 3 different styles!

glitter lips makeup tutorial

GLITTERBOMB TIME. This glitter lips makeup tutorial guides you through 3 different styles and pros and cons for each. Glitter your eyebrows, too!

Here at Mookychick we love a bit of glitter. But why limit yourself to a subtle sparkle? Throw caution to the winds and declare your love of shimmer: on your face! More specifically, on your lips. Follow these simple steps for a pout the Cullens would be jealous of.

There are several ways to get gorgeous glitter lips:

1) 3D Glitterbomb

glitter lips makeup

Photo by Snowkei

Apply a good lip balm or a lip primer if you have one. This will make sure your lips are smooth and moisturised. Then use a clear lipgloss (the stickier the better). If you want to use a coloured glitter, like red, make sure to use a matching gloss.

Using a finger or small flat brush, pat glitter onto your sticky lips. Don’t use craft glitter – it has to be cosmetic grade only. This is because craft glitter is usually ground particles of glass, so you don’t want any of that in your mouth. Anything you can find at make-up counters listed as eye-safe will be fine.

If you spill some on your face use a big fluffy brush or piece of sticky tape to get rid of it.

Pros: Has a 3D look, you can pack on as much glitter as you want, and you can mix shades to create transitional effects

Cons: Can’t eat or drink, and glitter in your mouth is pretty icky

To make this longer lasting you can use a specialist sealing product like Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar to keep the glitter in place. However, it’s quite pricy.

2) Awesome Glitter Lip Tattoo

glitter lips makeup

Photo by Meng He

Violent Lips does a dedicated ‘Glitterati’ range, or just google ‘glitter lip tattoo’ for other companies and styles. These are applied like those temporary kids’ tattoos – just a little water and you’re good to go!

Pros: Can eat, drink and be merry with a look that’s very long lasting

Cons: Can be fiddly to apply; you may need several sets to practice with

3) Diamantes are Forever

glitter lips makeup

Photo by manso0n

Thoroughly moisturise lips with a good lip balm. Apply a lipstick of your choice then use a clear or matching gooey lipgloss to stick on diamantes.

Alternatively you could use eyelash glue to stick the diamantes around the lipline. Please don’t use lash glue on your lips!

Pros: Very unusual; you can combine lots of differently coloured gems

Cons: Diamantes could slide around; you may swallow a few

And why stop at lips? Glitterise anything on your face!