Gothic lolita makeup tutorial

Gothic lolita makeup tutorial

So, want to learn to how do cute Gothic Lolita make-up? You can use this gothic lolita look for day and night, vamping it up a little more for night time and even changing the pink lipgloss for maybe, a little red lipstick. Change it a little and make it yours.

Gothic lolita makeup – tools of the trade

  • Your base of choice (foundation, powder, etc.)
  • White/pale eyeshadow
  • Silver eyeshadow (dark or lighter, your choice)
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Black pencil eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lipgloss

1. Your base – Gothic lolitas need flawless skin

Do whatever you need to do to ensure you have flawless skin. Use your normal products, foundation, powder, concealer, etc. I just dust my face with translucent powder, and I’m ready to go.

If you are going for particularly pale skin, remember to do your neck and decolletage or you’ll end up with clown face.

2. Your eyes – Gothic lolita eyes are interestingly pale, not seductively vampy

Base eyeshadow: Start with your white/pale eyeshadow, and cover your whole eyelid with it, from your lid right up to your eyebrow. Don’t make the base too pale, or it will stick out excessively.

Silver eyeshadow: Next is your silver eyeshadow. Whether it is lighter or darker is your preference, but the best is a little darker, to differentiate between your base. Cover your eyelid with it, and smudge the edge in a little.

3. Liquid Eyeliner

Draw a smooth, curved line from one end of your lid to the other. Add a flick that stops about halfway to your eyebrow. Add another little flick that is smaller than your first, but can still be distinguished. Do this for your other eye, and think of them as cute little eyelashes.

4. Pencil Eyeliner

Next, rim your inner eyelid with black pencil eyeliner and darken it up. Make sure to connect it to your top lid so it doesn’t look odd. If you’re confident enough, you can swap the pencil eyeliner for liquid, but don’t rim your eyes with it; you may give yourself an eye infection. Add two little flicks to make cute ‘eyelashes’ for your bottom lid, just how you did with your top lid.

5. Mascara – A lolita goth has lovely, long eyelashes like a victorian doll

Do your mascara as you would normally, and if you have lovely, long eyelashes, the ends should look longer and give you a doll-like look. Two coats of mascara? Definitely!

6. Lips – Doll-cute lips for the Gothic lolita win

Just add a slick of pink lipgloss to cuten things up, perhaps a flavoured lipgloss to reminded you to think pretty cherry thoughts, and you’re ready to go!