How to apply false eyelashes

false eyelashes

Professional make-up artists show you how to apply false eyelashes. Get the effect you want & save money by re-using your lovely false eyelashes again and again!

Ladies, take note – false eyelashes aren’t just for exotique nights out, burlesque parties that last for centuries or, indeed, just for members of Girls Aloud. With this handy tutorial, false eyelashes can easily be integrated into your daily make-up regime so you can flutter your pretty lashes from dawn till dusk.

Professional make-up artist Freya Katzman works at professional make-up store Screenface in London’s vibrant Seven Dials area in Covent Garden. Beauty expert Freya shares her inside knowledge to open up your eyes, enhance your everyday make-up and get those false eyelashes to stay put!

How do I apply false eyelashes?

1. Always apply mascara to your own lashes before applying your false eyelashes. This way you can re-use your false lashes again.

2. Next, apply your eyeliner. You can use a pencil or liquid liner, but a gel liner applied with a brush glides on easily. This is how to apply eyeliner if you get stuck.

3. Take the false eylelashes out of their box and – using the end of a brush – carefully dab Duo lash glue onto the sticky side of the lashes with precision. Be careful not to use too much glue!

4. Shake the lash rapidly for around five seconds to allow the glue to go tacky.

5. Starting from the inside corner of your eye, roll the false eyelashes outwards, pressing down with the end of the brush to secure them in place.

6. Once the false eyelashes are secure, go over the top with your liner to touch up any glue spillage and ensure a really smooth straight line. If you want to recreate the popular 50s pin-up look, add a bit of a flick at the end, and hey presto – you’re done!

Insider eye make-up tip: If you haven’t got a spare make-up brush handy, use a cotton bud or toothpick to dab glue onto lashes.

How do I apply those pesky bottom false eyelashes?

For a more dramatic and doe-eyed look (perfect for gothic lolita eye make-up and scene eye make-up) you can wear false lashes along the bottom of your eyes too. Here’s how:

1. Trim the length of the bottom false eyelashes to fit your eyes.

2. As before, you apply the glue to the lashes and work from the inside to the outer corner of your eyes, gently patting the glue down as you go along.

3. When applying bottom lashes, they shouldn’t be applied on the lash bed. Instead ,put them on just a few millimeters underneath.

Insider eye make-up tip: If you have blue or green eyes, adding black false bottom lashes can make your eyes appear brighter.

Will I be able to afford false eyelashes?

Screenface lashes cost between £4.95 and £9.95 and can be re-applied, so yes! If you’re a bit unsure of applying your own first time round, book in for a master class with one of the Screenface team at their store on Monmouth Street, Seven Dials. For £8.99 they’ll apply your new lashes so you’re all ready for your night out! Duo gel, which comes in a clear or black colour, is priced at £7.95.

Insider eye make-up tip: Clear glue is less messy for novices!

What sort of false eyelashes should I go for?

Choosing a set of false eyelashes an entirely personal preference and dependent on what you feel comfortable in and what sort of look you are going for. Screenface stock a huge selection, including everything from fine, individual natural-looking eyelashes to more extravagant brightly coloured and jewel adorned sets that are perfect for fancy dress parties, to dress in drag or for fashion shows.

Insider eye make-up tip: If you want a really natural look, individual lashes applied at the outside corner of your eyes are perfect.

How do I remove false eyelashes once I’m done?

At the end of the day, simply pull off your false eyelashes gently from the outer corner moving inwards and then remove your make up. Always store your lashes in their box so that they keep their shape and can be re-used. When you’re ready to wear them again, clean off the excess dried glue using warm water and a cotton bud.

Insider eye make-up tip: Never sleep in your false eyelashes – you will wake up with your eyes stuck together!