How to apply false nails

how to apply false nails

Learn how to apply false nails with this simple guide. False nails can be fun and easy, no need to visit a nail bar!

Do you have something or someone you want to get your claws into? The most effective way to do it is with a pair of fabulous false nails. They have evolved over the last century as styles change, so whatever era you are into, there will be a way for you to carry off a set of talons.

Aren’t false nails impractical?

This really depends on your lifestyle. If you are a lady of leisure you can get away with long vampy nails, but if you are more active, a shorter rounded style will work better.

Aren’t false nails a pain to put on?

Like false eyelashes, after you’ve done it a couple of times and have a system, it’s really not that hard. To be honest, the decorating takes longer than the application.

So how do you apply false nails?

1. Most packets come with various sizes of false nails inside, match them up as best you can with your own nails before you get the glue out.

2. Remove all old nail polish and general grime from your hands before you start, or they won’t stay on as effectively.

3. Some nails have small numbers on the underside of the tip. Make sure you see it, otherwise the nail will be upside down.

4. Use plenty of glue not only on your own nail but also the underside of the false nail.

5. Press nail on quite hard, wiping up excess glue straight away, or it will just be harder to do later.

That is the basic application, now onto the fun stuff!

  • 1920’s style: This was the era nail polish was invented in, and nails were long, with just the middle painted. The half moons at the top and the tips were left bare.
  • 1930’s style: By the end of the 30s people were experimenting with colour. Nails had to match the outfit, so black, silver, mauve, anything goes! Like the 20s, leave the half moon bare but do paint the tips.
  • 1940’s style: A combination of the looks from the 20s and 30s. A thin sliver of nail tip was left bare, half moons bare, and nails were coloured according to outfits and accessories.
  • 1950’s style: Filed to an oval at the tips and painted a sexy, daring red is perfect for this era.
  • 1960’s style: Nails became more understated, either rounded or square tips, in pale beiges, creams and pinks, similar to the lip shades of the era.
  • 1980’s style: This is the decade that invites you to forget any taste and style you may have! Think electric blues, shocking pinks, black, neon, go wild!
  • 1990’s style: This is when nails started getting more and more artistic. I remember my aunty having nail charms, diamante, stones, spray on designs, glitter. As much as the nails can handle basically!

How to remove false nails once you’ve played with them

Ideally you should soak nails in an acetone polish remover until the nails come off easily, this could take a few minutes. Don’t pull them off because they will snap and break awkwardly, as well as damaging your own nails.