Indian dance makeup

indian dance makeup

Bits and pieces needed for indian dance makeup:

  • Light foundation
  • Very light facial powder
  • Black eyeliner(traditionally kajal)
  • Dark eyeshadow
  • Dark blush
  • Bindis/thilak (traditionally dark red)

How to apply indian dance makeup:

1. Wash face and apply an oil-free moisturiser.

2. Apply a light coat of facial powder.

3. Apply a thick, even foundation (just a tiny bit lighter than your skin tone).

4. Apply a thick coat of facial powder (a slight warm tinge).

5. Apply dark reddish blush heavily.

6. Use a black eyeliner and outline the eyes. Completely curve up the bottom one so the eyes should be in a petal shape.

7. Apply 3 coats of thick, black mascara.

8. Apply dark foundation to the sides of your nose. This gives an appearance of a sharper nose.

9. Use dark red lipstick with some gloss.

10. Finish up with some dark eyeshadow (optional step, but once you’ve gone this far, you might as well go all the way).

11. Use a dark red Bindi in the middle of your fore-head; round or raindrop-shaped, depending on your face shape.

12. Draw a U-shaped curve under the Bindi with white thilak.

13. Put a small black dot with an eyeliner stick (kajal) under the white curve.

14. Put a small black dot with Kajal (eye-liner) on your lower cheek.

Tips and warnings:

  • This make-up should be very heavy. Very.
  • You may look stunning on stage, but freaky with all that make up from close-by.
  • Make-up may smear! Keep your face oil-free (not dry!).
  • This type of make-up is not meant for daily use.
  • Now apply some henna tattoos and you’re done!