Lily Lolo mineral makeup

Lily Lolo mineral makeup

In your 30s? You may wake up with a yelp to discover tired, mature pale skin with tiny wrinkles AND spots. On your face, sadly, not a boyfriend’s lower nose. So unfair! Emma explains how to apply Lily Lolo mineral makeup to improve tired skin for genuinely healthy radiance.

I am 36, and getting my first few wrinkles, but unfairly also still getting some blemishes. All foundations I have ever tried always looked at least slightly orange on me, and for a long time I avoided it and only used concealer and translucent powder. On a good day I have porcelain skin, but increasingly in recent months it seemed as though I had to cake on more and more make-up. Nothing really worked. It looked too heavy, and my skin felt awful. The make-up was clogging my skin, but I had to keep wearing it because my skin had become so problematic. I usually have at least twelve or thirteen-hour days and my make-up looked terrible by the end of the day.

I got increasingly tired of this and began to look on the internet for reviews of foundation, deciding there simply must be better options. The name that kept appearing, with especially glowing reviews for glowing reviews for fair skin, was Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics. All the reviews stressed that, not only does it not appear orange on pale skin, but it is actually good for your skin. It does not clog pores and contains natural SPF. It is also reasonably affordable at £12 a pot, and they offer samples of their products at 75p or 99p, so you can get exactly the right shade. The postage charges are very reasonable. I decided I had little to lose and would give it a try.

The first “Porcelain” foundation I ordered was actually too pale for my summer skin. This was the first time this ever happened to me! Other brands’ “Porcelain” foundations always looked orange on me. So I tried the next shade up – “Blondie” – which was just about right.

At first I applied it using my existing powder foundation brush. I was very impressed at the coverage; my skin appeared clear using very little of the mineral powder. I realised after a few days that I was actually applying more than I needed to, and could get away with very little indeed, simply applying more layers to problem areas such as under the eyes. I eventually ordered the Lily Lolo kabuki brush, and this certainly made the make-up easier to apply more lightly and blend. It looked healthier than a normal foundation and gave my skin a healthy glow. I was so impressed that I ordered a concealer, yellow under-eye corrector, and green blush-away. These work very well for a heavier evening look, using them before applying the foundation, but during the day I have found that it is perfectly possible to get away with simply using the foundation and applying more where more coverage is needed.

The very first day I wore the Lily Lolo make-up, my skin felt lighter and better able to breathe. It did not sit in my (thankfully still few) wrinkles, and it wore well through the day. Within a few days of using it my skin cleared up amazingly, which speaks volumes as to how much damage normal cosmetics must do to the skin.

I think the £12 pot will last me at least three months – a considerable saving on the powder foundation I was using previously.

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