Trialling the Lunatick Pro Contour Book Volume Two With Four New Looks

lunatick cosmetics pro contour book volume two

Lunatick Cosmetics sent us a Halloween coffin box of makeup plus their fabled Vol 2 contouring book. Vegan, vampy and cruelty free!

What happens when you send makeup and tarot dragon queen Miss Chris a big fat box full of occult themed makeup goodies? Why, she takes over the world as your supreme fierce empress, of course…

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, my absolute best pals in the world, did just such a thing. One short trip across the Atlantic plus a very bemused postman later, and I had a coffin-shaped box of cruelty-free beauty babies set to go. GET ON MY FACE.

With the fabulous products they sent me, I decided to create four different looks for you guys, to showcase the versatility and all-round gorgeousness of these products.

But before we get into that, we HAVE to talk about the packaging.

Lunatick Pro Contour Book Volume Two

Lunatick Cosmetics Pro Contour Book Volume Two

This company is the thing of beauty for us gothy, Halloween-loving, occulty-type makeup-holics. They get us. Just look at how beautiful everything is! Even the shipping box is so special. The packaging is what first drew me to Lunatick Cosmetics, but I what I stayed for was the innovative, high quality products. Here’s how I used them.

Look 1: Warm Vibes with Contouring and Pumpkin Queen

lunatick cosmetics warm

Pumpkin Queen Eyeshadow

It’s really tough to pick of a favourite look, but I think this might be it. I felt HOT AS HELL in this look, and have worn it multiple times since. It was super flattering, which I wasn’t expecting with such a bold eyeshadow shade. Even my typical hetero manly man partner complimented my makeup that day, and said my eyes looked amazing. He wasn’t wrong yo, look at them pop!

The Pumpkin Queen eyeshadow is very pigmented, and with a lovely, blendable, buildable matt texture, application was a breeze. It does work best with a good primer – I have very hooded eyes so I crease easily, but yeah, this did fold without primer, so get that on first.

lunatick eyeshadow swatches

From top to bottom, the Lunatick eyeshadows I were sent include Pumpkin Queen and The End Is Near

I can’t say enough good things about the Contour Palette and frankly you’ll probably be sick of reading about it by the time we’re done here. Fite me though, I don’t care – the Contour Palette Volume 2 is AMAZING. The texture is buttery smooth, each colour is pigmented but sheer, and very easy to blend and to build. It’s the stuff of dreams. It’s very forgiving if you’re a contour newb, and a valuable sculpting tool if you’re a seasoned pro. It’s a fantastic product that deserves every last syllable of praise it gets.

The lipstick range is so damn pretty I could cry. The three colours I was sent are all quite similar to each other – various nude pinks. AK-47, worn here, looks quite light and cool on me, but is still wearable. The texture is creamy and smooth, much more so than the older lipstick formula, and it smells gorgeous – slightly fruity, slightly floral, with a hint of cocoa (resist the urge to lick it, please.) It’s comfortable to wear, and very easy to pair up with a range of looks. It’s a great all-rounder.

Products used:

  • Eyes: Lunatick Cosmetics Pumpkin Queen eyeshadow
  • Face: Lunatick Cosmetics Contour Palette Volume 2, shades #3 Deep Cream as highlight, #5 Medium Rose as blush, and #6 Ultra Tan Nude which is now my favourite go-to contour/ bronzer friend
  • Lips: Lunatick Cosmetics AK-47 lipstick

Look 2: Punky Cool  with The End is Near and Paranormal Lip Slick

lunatick cosmetics end is near

Wear this one when you’re feeling moody, or with your favourite band tee on a grungy night out, or for grabbing some milk in the shops – don’t let me tell ya what to do!

I loved The End is Near for its dramatic name (of course), as well as for being that solid, unapologetic, gothy black shade for us who just wanna go hard and rock out on our faces. It’s packed with gorgeous multi-coloured glitter, and it’s very easy to smoke out. Again, it did crease fast – faster than Pumpkin Queen – but whatever, it works for this look. I applied it with a fluffy C06 tulip brush, but this shadow would make quite the impact applied wet with a sponge or liner brush.

I wore Paranormal Lip Slick with this look. I was given three and lord, they are SO PIGMENTED. The colours are awesome, the texture is soft and workable and wearable, and the scent and taste is lovely and minty. The lastage, as mentioned on the website, isn’t the selling feature of this particular product – it’s not made to stay on all day. The trade off is a SUPER comfortable, pretty, spreadable lip colour. I mean, I’ll take that.

Lunatick lip slick swatches

Lunatick lip slicks, top to bottom – Laurie Lip Die, Succubus, Paranormal, Creature

The colour range is also excellent – there are eleven fabulous colours, in much more interesting shades than your usual makeup company. Because, of course, Lunatick isn’t your usual makeup company. Creature is a rich emerald green, Succubus is a fluorescent pink, and Paranormal is a deep violet, with surprisingly bright undertones. They’re super fun lip colours.

Products used:

  • Eyes: Lunatick Cosmetics The End is Near eyeshadow
  • Face: Lunatick Cosmetics Contour Palette Volume 2 shades #1 Grey Cool as highlight, #2 Light Rose for a subtle pop of colour on the cheeks, and #7 Deep Cool as contour
  • Lips: Lunatick Cosmetics Paranormal Lip Slick

Look 3: Everyday Smokey Cool and Contoured

lunatick cosmetics everyday cool

This look is ideal if you really want to try the magic of cool contour but are a bit afraid of looking dirty/ ghostly/ ect. It’s more natural looking and very subtle, as well as easier to do. This look goes with everything. Makeup mayo, this. You’ve gotta try it.

Lunatick lipstick swatches

Lunatick lipsticks, top to bottom – Laurie, AK-47, RPG, Bruja

RPG is pretty and natural and rosy on me here. You know, for such creamy lipsticks, the formula actually lasts quite well. They also pack a lot more pigment than initially meets the eye!

Products used:

  • Face: Lunatick Cosmetics Contour Palette Volume 2 shades #1 Grey Cool as highlight, #8 Deep Rose as blush, #4 Smokey Cool as contour
  • Lips: Lunatick Cosmetics RPG lipstick

Look 4: The Contour Book Challenge

lunatick cosmetics succubus lip slick

I’m really excited to tell you guys about this particular look. The other three were designed to show off the tones of the palette with the pigment power of the lippies and the eyeshadows, but this one is ALL about the palette.

Because FIY this product is a modern day miracle. This is undoubtedly my favourite product of the whole bunch – it’s just so ridiculously versatile, so smooth, so blendable, and SO much more wearable than I initially thought it’d be.

So I was all pumped up to spend a good hour putting this look together, but I’m a joke and managed to only give myself ten solid minutes before I had to leave for the school run. Could I give myself a bomb ass look using just the basics (foundation ect) plus the Contour Palette 2?

lunatick cosmetics contour

Yes I fricken could!

Products used:

  • Face: #6 Ultra Tan Nude as bronzer and #5 Medium Rose as blush
  • Eyes: #1 Grey Cool all over the lid, #11 Dark Rose and #12 Deep Brown in the crease and under the waterline, applied with a flat fluffy A06 brush
  • Brows: #7 Deep Cool, applied with an A17 angled brush – that’s right, I even got my brows on with this. Versatility!
  • Lips: Lunatick Cosmetics Succubus Lip Slick (first pic)

Final Thoughts

So Lunatick is obviously the best. Of everything, my favourite product was (surprise) the Contour Palette. I have both volumes, and they’re both incredibly useful. Every makeup diva needs one of these fellas. They epitomise versatility, and with such generous amounts of product in each palette, they’re worth every penny.

I also fully, wholly, with all my heart recommend Laurie – it is the goddamned lipstick of the gods.

lunatick cosmetics laurie lip die

Lipstick featured above: Laurie Lip Die

Not only is it pretty, flattering, and comfortable, but it goes with everything and it LASTS, guys. It recently lasted me, without reapplying, through coffee, dinner, and an extremely sweaty Alter Bridge concert, with – honestly – minimum fading. MINIMUM. I am shook. It’s just so good. Buy yourself some – you deserve it. I am personally dying to get my hands on the newer shade, Nancy – a shimmery brown that is frankly made for my good self.

Monster thanks to Lunatick for sending me out so many beautiful things! Please keep up the amazing work, I absolutely cannot wait to see what you cook up next.

COMING SOON: Keep an eye out for our tutorial on how to make a shelf out of your Lunatick coffin box!

Buy Lunatick beauties on Amazon or via the Lunatick Labs website