Minnie Mouse nail art tutorial

Minnie Mouse nail art

Minnie Mouse Nail Art tutorial: In this step by step guide Miss Emily shows us how to create a striking Minnie Mouse nail art design. Pick up her clever tips then branch out & design your own…

Hi everyone! In this step by step nail art tutorial I’m going to show you how to create your own Disney-inspired Nail Art!

Nail Art Supplies you’ll need:

  • Red polish
  • White nail polish or nail art pen
  • Black nail polish or nail art pen
  • Peach nail polish
  • Pink nail polish
  • Base nail coat and topcoat

As an alternative to the nail art pens you can use a dotting tool or bobby pin with a regular white and black polish.

Start with a coat of base coat to keep the nails strong and to prevent staining, then add two coats of your favourite red polish. I am using Barry M Red, here. On the ring finger, however, paint it using a light peach colour; this will form Minnie’s face. Mine is American Apparel Palm Springs.

When adding the white details, I used a Nail Art Pen, but you could just as easily use a dotting tool, or a bent out bobby pin to add the polka dots to the red nails. With a small bead of polish on the end of whichever tool you choose, make uniform white spots to mimic Minnie’s dress. For her face, on the accent nail, draw two white ovals. These will become Minnie’s eyes.

Time to add some black detail! Add a black spot to each of the red nails, to create the centre of the black bows. Trace around the edge of the accent nail to make the edge of Minnie’s face, and then add the pupils, lashes and nose, using your nail art pen or tool.

Add the bow details in black. It is easiest to work in a series of dots, drawing three to make the triangular shape of the bow, and filling in the centre to make a neat triangle on each side. For Minnie’s mouth, draw a curved smile, with cheek marks, then fill in the open mouth in black. For the tongue, add two dots in a pink polish of your choice. Add your topcoat, stand back and admire your work. Just as everyone else will…

I hope you have fun trying this for yourselves. If you do have a go, I would love to see – let me know via my blog! www.emilysnailfiles.blogspot.com. I also have loads more unique and fun designs, as well as a few more tutorials 😀

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