Natural beauty makeup tips

natural beauty

With summer around the corner, natural beauty wants to come out and play. These beauty tips for natural makeup will tell you how to apply (less) makeup for a natural look. Not every girl needs to be Barbie GaGa – and not everyday. Sometimes, natural (or even no) makeup lights the way.

So there’s this girl you know, her tangerine face darker than her fried blonde hair, yet you still find yourself feeling inferior. Until recently I was led to believe that there was no such thing as natural beauty. Although I condemned people for being fake, I secretly wanted to be a part of the popular Barbie girl crew and found it hard to accept the natural beauty that suited me best.

The evil media are usually the main culprits of making teens want to be someone they’re not. When asking people I knew what they thought was best, natural beauty or wearing lots of makeup and dressing up, 90% of people went for natural beauty. So… Although people think piling on make-up will make you look better, unless you’re going for a truly artistic look, natural makeup is actually the way forward.

With a few natural makeup tips under your belt, you can still tweak things you don’t like about yourself, and trust me; everyone has things they don’t like about themselves. Confidence, a little more trust in the good points of your face and a couple of make-up touches are the key to natural beauty. Not only does confidence make you feel better, it also makes others around you appreciate your better qualities.

Natural beauty does not have to mean wearing absolutely no makeup. You can use nude makeup to enhance your best features while still looking natural and making you look good.

How to wear makeup but still look like a natural beauty

When going for a natural makeup look, figure out your favourite facial features. You can have stronger eyes, or more defined lips, but not both. If you want to apply makeup to all your facial features, keep the look as minimal as possible.

Natural makeup tips for eyes

If you consider your eyes to be your best feature, only put mascara on your top lashes – enhancing your eyes and making them look bigger.

Consider using brown or clear mascara rather than black – black mascara is very heavy for summer, and gives you a more night-time look.

Apply eyeliner to only the outer part of your eye. This elongates your eyes, again making them look bigger. If you can, avoid eyeliner completely.

Adding a touch of natural eye-shadow in nearly-nude or earth colours such as brown and beige can add a natural brightness or sparkle to your eyes. Using a subtle eyeshadow colour to complement your eye colour can work just as well (for example, if you have green eyes, a shade of khaki would enhance your natural eye colour).

Another option – if you like to carry as little makeup as possible – is to put nude concealer or foundation on the upper lids of your eyes, and a touch underneath. This instantly brightens your eyes – without looking as though you are wearing any makeup.

Vaseline is also a girl’s best friend – it feels a bit heavy and sticky, but a touch of vaseline on your upper eyelids refracts the light to enhance your eyes. We’ll be mentioning vaseline again – Mookychick does love vaseline so.

Natural makeup tips for lips

If you consider your lips to be your best feature, nude lip-gloss is definitely the best way to give your lips a natural shimmer.

For paler skin, the perfect nude lip-gloss includes the more peachy-pink colours which will draw attention to your lips and add a pretty glow to your face.

For more olive-skinned girls, lean towards a warmer tone.

For those with darker skin, you can afford to go for deeper pink tones.

All skin tones look fantastic with a clear gloss.

Natural makeup tips for clear skin

If you have problems with your skin, there are you can accentuate its natural beauty whilst still allowing it to breath. Cleansing and moisturizing your face every day keeps your pores clear.

Acne? If you continue to break out in spots and need to cover them up with makeup, I recommend using a little foundation or cover-up. When choosing your cover-up, make sure you test it before buying. If it is the right shade for you, you should be able to blend it evenly with your skin-tone without seeing traces of it left behind.

It is also a good idea to put your foundation on in a well-lit room so you don’t put over-apply and end up looking like a satsuma.

For a natural sun-kissed look that makes you feel your healthy glowing best without makeup, have you considered tinted moisturiser? A good tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 means you won’t need additional sunscreen and foundation. This is ideal for summer, when makeup can run and smudge.

If you have freckles, love them and don’t over-apply makeup in order to cover them up. Have you noticed how adverts for natural beauty products often use freckled models? It’s because everyone associates freckles with health and sun-kissed natural beauty, so when it comes to natural beauty, you already have a head start.

Consider using mineral makeup for your foundation and blusher if you wear them – mineral makeup contains nothing that clogs your pores, and is the best option for healthy skin if you can’t help coating it with powder.

Are you a fan of blusher? If you want to look like a natural beauty but can’t help hitting the rouge, take your nude or semi-nude lipstick / gloss and smear a little on your cheekbones. It’s a subtle effect, and the gentle colour and shine will add a healthy but subtle glow to your cheeks. If you just want to go for shine not colour to keep things simple, then once again, try a little vaseline. Yes, you can blush your cheeks if you are going for a natural makeup look – but you would want to look as your cheeks were naturally reddened since you’d just been for an invigorating run through a meadow.

Natural beauty inside and out

Many girls worry about their weight and go through fad diets which either don’t work because they’re too strict or bizarre, leading to a loss of self-confidence, or work a little too well and result in girls looking like stick insects and tormenting themselves with food-games on a daily basis.

Many people are naturally curvy, so if you have them, embrace them! A happy, curved woman is ten times more beautiful than one who mourns her curves in the mirror every day.

If you do want to lose a few pounds, the best way is to exercise regularly and drink lots of water which will flush out the toxins in your body and fill you up. Another one of my golden rules is two eat three, healthy sized meals a day and try your best not to snack in between. However, I know that everyone deserves to indulge in a little bit of chocolate cake every once in a while.

Natural beauty must always come before whatever you put on top of it. You definitely do not need to pile on makeup or try and be someone you’re not. In all honesty, I’m sure you’re all spectacular the way you are!